Steam Next Fest 2023 is in full swing, offering gamers an overwhelming selection of demos to experience. The festival, running from June 19 to June 26, features over 100 demos, showcasing an array of upcoming titles. To help you navigate through the abundance of offerings, we have narrowed down 15 must-play games.

Upcoming Titles to Keep an Eye On

Each game in the line-up is unique in its style, gameplay mechanics, and narrative themes. Here’s a list of top picks that you shouldn’t miss:

  • LunarLux: An intriguing retro sci-fi adventure RPG. The demo reveals the game’s updated features and customizable options for exploring the moon.
  • URBANO – Legends’ Debut: A blend of rhythm and RPG genres with a fun cast and dating mechanics. The game’s story events rely on your relationships with other characters.
  • Back to the Dawn: Play as a fox reporter thrown into prison and seek an escape while interacting with other inmates in this furry-themed adventure.
  • Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery: This long-anticipated game is inspired by Girls Frontline and features grid-based maps and a deeply emotional narrative.
  • Sea of Stars: This game provides a chance to explore its vibrant adventures and uncover hidden secrets. It will be available on multiple platforms from August 29, 2023. Try the demo here.

More Must-Play Demos

The list continues with more titles that have generated excitement and anticipation among gamers:

  • Eternights: An action RPG that focuses on a group of young characters, featuring dialogue choices and a fast-action combat system.
  • Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew: An alternative history stealth strategy game with pirate missions and strategic combat scenarios.
  • Alterium Shift: A classic-style adventure game with various skill sets for protagonists. The demo provides a preview of field events and battles.
  • Cross Tails: A fantasy SPRG adventure by Rideon, starring anthropomorphic cats and featuring deep class customization and unit building.
  • Red Line: A unique horror game that explores two different worlds using a secret notebook as a communication tool.

Even More Demos Worth Your Time

As the selection is vast, we have identified additional games that are equally worth your time:

  • Moonstone Island: An open-world adventure featuring farming, creature-collecting, and more than 100 explorable islands.
  • Goodbye Volcano High: A highly anticipated game with hipster elements and dinosaur characters, shedding light on the final year of high school. Try the demo here.
  • Cuisineer: A roguelite adventure where you gather ingredients from a dungeon and feedto reduce redundancy to your town’s inhabitants, all while expanding your restaurant in this gastronomic fantasy.
  • The City of Metronome: A long-awaited action-adventure title from the creators of Little Nightmares, where sound is your weapon in a dystopian cityscape.
  • Mist Lanes: A mystery adventure with a unique card-based mechanic for story progression, and immersive, ethereal aesthetics.


Steam Next Fest 2023 offers an extensive collection of demos that cater to a broad range of gamer interests. From pixel art RPGs to heartrending narratives and innovative mechanics, there’s something for everyone. Take advantage of this opportunity to sample these up-and-coming games and add them to your wishlist for future playthroughs. Happy gaming!

Note: Availability of demos may vary based on regions and developer preferences. The links provided in this article will direct you to the game’s Steam page, where you can check the availability of the demo in your region.

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