Adobe, traditionally known for its software prowess, took the world by storm at the Adobe MAX 2023 event in Los Angeles. On October 10th, they unveiled a revolutionary piece in the world of fashion: Project Primrose. Unlike anything previously seen, this animated and interactive dress has the ability to shapeshift, offering a continuously changing design and style. It was at this event that research scientist Christine Dierk captured the audience’s awe, showcasing the dress’s unique capabilities.

A New Canvas for Designers

The groundbreaking Project Primrose dress is more than just a piece of clothing; it represents an entirely new realm of possibilities in fashion and beyond. Using non-emissive textiles, the dress acts as a dynamic canvas:

  • Designers and content creators can project their designs onto the dress just like they would on a blank canvas.
  • Integration with Adobe software such as Adobe Firefly, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Illustrator allows users to bring their designs to life with fluid animations.
  • The dress’s interactive surface, covered in scale-like displays, responds to the wearer’s movement, causing the projected designs to sway and flow in sync with the wearer.
  • With the ability to adapt to external factors, it can also be used as a low-power billboard to showcase text-based advertisements.

Adobe’s research team, which includes Christine Dierk, TJ Rhodes, and Gavin Miller, had already explored the capabilities of this non-emissive material prior to the grand unveiling. Their studies on reflective light-diffuser modules for non-emissive flexible display systems were published in 2022. In the early stages, the team had tested this “smart display fabric” on smaller objects such as handbags and canvases, but Project Primrose’s dress marked a leap in its application.

Expanding the Horizon

This isn’t just about fashion. The potential applications of Project Primrose’s technology extend far beyond the realm of clothing. As highlighted in The Verge report, Adobe’s latest innovation might soon redefine how we perceive everyday objects:

  • The furniture industry could incorporate the technology to showcase changing patterns and designs on pieces like sofas, tables, or curtains.
  • Accessories such as handbags and shoes could soon have dynamic surfaces that change in design and pattern according to the wearer’s preference.
  • Public spaces might utilize these displays to showcase interactive advertisements or art.

Future of Fashion

While Project Primrose is undoubtedly a technological marvel, it also reflects the evolving nature of fashion. The world of fashion, known for its audacity and experimental spirit, has witnessed numerous daring experiments, from Harri KS’s latex pants to Christian Cowan’s luxurious fur ensembles. Project Primrose, however, stands out not only for its innovation but also for its potential to redefine how we relate to our clothing. Though the dress might currently seem too avant-garde for a casual coffee run, as the future of fashion unfolds, it may not be long before such innovations become the norm.

A New Era for Designers

With the advent of such transformative technology, designers from various fields can now reimagine the way they approach their craft. Imagine a world where a single piece of clothing can be repurposed for various occasions by simply altering its design digitally. A day-to-night transformation could be achieved with just the click of a button. Furthermore, with sustainability becoming a major concern, such innovations could pave the way for reducing fast fashion waste. Instead of discarding outfits for new designs, individuals could simply refresh their wardrobe digitally, promoting a more sustainable fashion ecosystem.


Adobe’s Project Primrose has unequivocally ushered in a new era for design and wearables. Combining the worlds of technology and fashion, it has given designers an unprecedented canvas to work with and has opened up a world of opportunities for diverse industries. As the boundaries of what’s possible continue to expand, the world will eagerly await what Adobe and other innovators bring to the table next.

The amalgamation of technology and fashion, as exemplified by Project Primrose, hints at the limitless possibilities the future holds. While Adobe has always been at the forefront of digital creativity, this step into the fashion realm is both surprising and promising. It not only broadens the spectrum of what Adobe can offer but also sets a precedent for other tech companies to venture beyond traditional boundaries.

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