Amazon has recently introduced a significant redesign of its Alexa app, aiming to streamline the smart home experience for its users. This move aligns with the growing trend of integrating digital technology into daily routines, as highlighted in “The ConnectedEconomy™ Monthly Report: The Evolving Digital Daily.”

Key Features of the Redesigned Alexa App

Enhanced Home Page Layout

  • Favorites on the Home Page: Users can now easily access their most-used devices and features like Echos, lights, plugs, and more.
  • Shortcuts Bar: Categorizes devices and showcases popular Alexa features, with customization options for users.
  • Activity Section Streamlining: Activity cards are now stacked for optimal space use, displaying timers, alarms, and reminders.

Advanced Control and Monitoring

  • Real-time Device Status: The app provides updates on the status of connected devices, initially for users with 20 or fewer devices.
  • Ring Protect Integration: View up to six snapshots from connected Ring cameras directly on the Home page.
  • Enhanced Chat Experience: Users can engage in conversations with Alexa, with a new chat interface for voice or text interactions.

Improved Device Management

  • Devices Page Improvements: Enhanced search functionality, filtering by device type, and sorting options.
  • Map View Feature: Create a digital version of the home’s floor plan to pin and control devices, initially available to select iOS users in the U.S.

Smart Home Technology Adoption

According to PYMNTS Intelligence, an additional 21 million people have adopted smart home gadgets over the past year, indicating a significant shift towards digital integration in daily life.

Availability and User Accessibility

  • The redesigned Alexa app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • iOS users get an exclusive feature, Map View, as a preview in the United States.

Additional Enhancements and Future Plans

  • Amazon’s Continuous Improvements: Amazon has been incrementally updating Alexa throughout 2023, including a new Home Shortcuts Bar.
  • Expansion of Device Support: Amazon plans to extend the list of device types supported in the Favorites section.
  • Quality of Life Changes: Improvements in Alexa’s chat experience and search controls, along with a floating blue chat icon for easy access.

User Experience and Design Improvements

The redesigned Alexa app boasts a more structured and user-friendly interface. The Home tab now features a more organized layout, replacing the previously random assortment of “Most Relevant” and “Recently Used” items. This redesign not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves navigation, making it easier for users to access and control their smart home devices. The focus on user experience is a key aspect of this update, reflecting Amazon’s dedication to ensuring their technology is accessible and efficient for everyday use.

Smart Home Integration and Future Expansion

With the growing trend of smart home integration, the Alexa app’s redesign is timely. The inclusion of various device types in the Favorites section, the addition of the Map View for iOS users, and the integration with Ring Protect services are all steps towards creating a more integrated and seamless smart home experience. Amazon’s plan to expand these features further indicates a future where digital and physical environments are more closely connected, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of daily routines.


The redesign of the Alexa app by Amazon marks a significant step in enhancing the user experience for managing smart home devices. With its intuitive layout, advanced control features, and improved device management, the app is poised to play a crucial role in the evolving digital daily life of consumers. For those interested in further exploring smart home technology, TechRadar offers a list of the best smart speakers for 2023. TechRadar’s Best Smart Speakers

The information in this article is based on press releases from Amazon, insights from PYMNTS Intelligence, and coverage by The Verge and TechRadar.

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