The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was buzzing because of Amazon—they made waves with their big news. They’ve been working hard on some fancy AI and smart home gadgets, and now they’re showing us all the cool new things they have in store. This article is going to lay out all the stuff Amazon brought to the table, all in one place. They want to change the game when it comes to using tech day-to-day.

Generative AI Takes Center Stage

One of the standout themes of Amazon’s CES presence this year is the integration of generative AI into various consumer experiences. This move comes after Amazon’s September 2023 announcement of launching new tools for developers to build LLM-powered experiences. The company showcased three developers who have since leveraged this technology to enhance Alexa’s capabilities:

  • Character.AI: This new Alexa experience allows users to engage in real-time conversations with various personas. These range from fictional characters like Librarian Linda to historical figures such as Socrates and William Shakespeare. Additionally, it includes a roleplay adventure game featuring popular Nintendo characters.
  • Splash’s AI Music Creation: Splash introduced an Alexa Skill enabling users to create songs using their voice. Users can choose a music genre, add lyrics, and either rap or sing along. The unique aspect is the ability to download these custom songs directly to mobile phones.
  • Volley’s Interactive Game: Volley has transformed the classic “20 Questions” game using generative AI, enhancing user interaction with the game through AI-driven questioning and hints.

Amazon has also enhanced Alexa with a new AI model that adds an opinionated personality to the virtual assistant, enabling it to express human emotions like excitement or surprise. This is complemented by a children-focused feature, “Explore with Alexa,” available for Amazon Kids+ subscribers on Echo devices.

Amazon’s Foray into Smart Home Tech with Matter Casting

In a significant step for smart home technology, Amazon became the first company to add support for Matter casting to its devices. Matter casting, part of the Matter smart home standard, allows users to control TVs and streaming devices directly from a connected app. This feature has been integrated into Amazon’s Prime Video app, enabling content casting to Amazon hardware like the Echo Show 15 and soon to Fire TVs, including Panasonic models with built-in Fire TV.

Amazon’s Matter casting is notable for its open protocol, which is not limited by specific hardware requirements or phone operating systems. This universal approach aims to simplify the development process for app developers and enhance the user experience across various devices.

Industry Implications of Amazon’s Matter Casting

Amazon’s adoption of Matter casting presents a significant development in the smart home industry. Unlike proprietary systems like Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast, Matter casting is designed to be universally accessible, fostering an inclusive environment for app and hardware developers. This approach is likely to streamline development processes and offer users a more seamless and integrated experience across different platforms and devices.

Despite Amazon’s pioneering steps, the adoption of Matter casting by other major tech companies remains uncertain. Google and Apple, for instance, have their established casting standards and did not announce any plans to adopt Matter casting at CES 2024. Nevertheless, Amazon’s commitment to open standards could potentially influence the industry’s trajectory toward more unified and interoperable smart home solutions.

Enhancing User Interactivity with AI

Amazon’s foray into generative AI through Alexa is a game-changer. This technology not only makes interactions with virtual assistants more engaging and personalized but also opens up a new realm of possibilities. For instance, Character.AI’s integration allows users to engage in meaningful conversations with various personas, transcending the traditional boundaries of AI interactions. This could revolutionize how we perceive and utilize virtual assistants, making them more companions than tools.


Amazon wowed everyone at CES 2024, showing just how much they’re into improving AI and smart home gadgets. They rolled out new Alexa features that create stuff using generative AI and were among the first to take on the Matter casting standard. It looks like Amazon is leading the charge when it comes to tech advances. The more these techs weave into our everyday routines, the bigger Amazon’s influence gets in where consumer technology is headed. For more detailed information about Amazon’s announcements at CES 2024, visit Amazon’s Official CES Page.

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