According to recent Bloomberg reports, Apple has begun a foray into the realm of generative artificial intelligence, developing its own advanced AI tools. Internally named as “Ajax,” Apple’s innovative framework is designed to create large language models. Internal engineers have also been building a chatbot service, tentatively named Apple GPT. This move signifies the tech giant’s attempt to maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving AI space, as AI-powered tools and services continue to become integral components of major technology platforms. Despite this development, Apple has yet to make an official announcement or comment on the matter.

A Competitive AI Landscape

The launch of Apple’s AI project comes in the wake of increasing interest and development in AI technologies by other major tech players. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are prime examples of generative AI chatbots, while Microsoft’s Bing search has also integrated AI capabilities. Furthermore, Meta’s recent launch of its second-generation large language model, Llama 2, in a commercial partnership with Microsoft, and Qualcomm’s collaboration with Meta to make Llama 2 AI implementations available on phones and PCs, indicate a rapidly intensifying competition in the AI field. However, Apple has yet to release a competitive offering to these AI technologies.

Focus on Privacy

Apple’s AI development teams are reportedly working extensively on potential privacy concerns related to AI technologies, reflecting the company’s long-standing commitment to user privacy. The company, known for integrating AI features into products like Siri and photo text exporting, is focusing on identifying and addressing these issues before bringing the technology to consumers.

Tim Cook on Generative AI

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has been notably silent on the matter of incorporating generative AI into more of Apple’s products. He has previously voiced his concern over security issues related to generative AI, highlighting the importance of resolving these issues before embracing the technology. Despite this, Cook has been known to use ChatGPT, demonstrating his recognition of the potential inherent in generative AI.

Timeline of Launch

As of now, Apple’s GPT tool is available for use only internally, requiring special approval for access. Its output is currently not used for developing customer-focused features. Given the tech giant’s stringent focus on privacy and security, a public rollout of the AI chatbot service doesn’t seem likely before the end of 2023.

Generative AI – The Future

Apple is working hard on building artificial intelligence (AI). They’re doing this to include these fancy features in their goods. Creating AI that can perform jobs is difficult. So, Apple is looking for a clever way to present its first AI chatbot to the public. This could significantly alter how technology functions. The fact that Apple is investing heavily in AI indicates how crucial they think this tech is, not only for them but for the entire tech industry. As AI gets better, it looks like all tech will embrace it. This could completely transform how we interact with our gadgets. If you want to know more about AI and why it’s gaining importance in the tech industry, you can learn more from this Bloomberg article.

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