Apple has recently announced a novel subscription pricing model named “contingent pricing,” poised to transform how subscriptions are managed and purchased on the App Store. This innovative feature, currently under pilot testing, offers developers a unique avenue to both attract and retain subscribers by leveraging discounted rates for users who maintain active subscriptions elsewhere.

Key Aspects of Contingent Pricing

  • Discounted Subscription Rates: Users benefit from lower subscription prices when they are actively subscribed to another service.
  • Developer Flexibility: The feature is available for offers from either a single developer or across different developers.
  • Example of Usage: For instance, a user subscribed to ‘Ocean Journal’ could get a discounted rate on ‘Mountain Climber’, paying $4.99/month instead of the standard $5.99/month, as long as they maintain their ‘Ocean Journal’ subscription.

Implementation and Visibility

  • App Store and Off-Platform Marketing: These pricing discounts will be prominently displayed both within the App Store and through various off-platform marketing channels.
  • Seamless Customer Experience: Apple is committed to assisting developers with the implementation, ensuring a smooth redemption and purchasing process for customers.

Strategic Timing Amidst Scrutiny

This development emerges amidst ongoing scrutiny of Apple’s App Store policies, particularly concerning in-app purchases. Apple’s recent request to the Supreme Court to reverse a ruling related to its 30% transaction fee further highlights the company’s efforts to refine its relationship with developers and maintain its marketplace’s competitiveness.

Benefits for Developers and Customers

  • Increased Attractiveness for Developers: By enabling more dynamic pricing strategies, Apple aims to provide developers with tools to more effectively attract and retain subscribers.
  • Enhanced Value for Customers: Customers stand to gain from a broader array of subscription options at more competitive prices.

Planning for the Future

Apple has advised developers to begin strategizing how they will incorporate contingent pricing into their App Store pricing plans. A notification system is set to be in place by January, offering more comprehensive details about the feature. This proactive approach suggests Apple’s commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for developers into this new pricing model.

Anticipated Rollout and Accessibility

  • Pilot Phase: The contingent pricing feature is currently in its pilot phase, with plans to expand to more developers in the upcoming months.
  • Availability for Customers: While the exact timeline for customer availability is yet to be confirmed, Apple anticipates that App Store users will be able to access contingent pricing sometime next year.

Implications for the App Market

The introduction of contingent pricing by Apple could potentially reshape the competitive landscape of the app market. This feature not only incentivizes developers to create more attractive subscription packages but also encourages collaboration between different developers. Such collaborations could lead to a more integrated app ecosystem, where complementary apps offer mutual discounts, enhancing the overall value proposition for customers.

Customer-Centric Approach

  • Enhanced Consumer Choice: This new pricing model empowers customers with more choices and flexibility, allowing them to tailor their subscriptions according to their preferences and ongoing commitments to other services.
  • Potential for Cost Savings: The contingent pricing model could lead to significant cost savings for users who subscribe to multiple services, making high-quality apps more accessible to a broader audience.


Apple’s introduction of contingent pricing is a strategic move to enhance the App Store’s subscription model, offering tangible benefits to both developers and customers. As the company continues to navigate the complex landscape of digital marketplace management, this feature represents a significant step toward creating a more dynamic and customer-friendly environment. For more detailed information on contingent pricing, visit Apple’s official [Developer website].

In conclusion, Apple’s contingent pricing feature reflects its ongoing efforts to innovate within the digital subscription space, balancing developer needs with customer preferences, all while navigating the broader challenges of marketplace regulation and competition.

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