Apple has unveiled the latest release candidate of its iOS 17.1 software, featuring build version 21B77, a progression from the previous 21B74. This comes just days ahead of its anticipated launch as the official iPhone software.

  • Primarily intended for iPhone 15 model phones.
  • Enhancements include the ability for iPhone users to use AirDrop over the internet, especially when longer transfers exceed the regular AirDrop range.
  • The introduction of the StandBy mode provides more options to modulate the always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro.
  • A revamped Apple Music allows users to favorite artists, which will contribute to creating a new playlist in the subsequent stages.
  • The Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro undergoes a change, especially when initiating the Camera app.

Developer Access and Additional Features

Apple’s initiation of a second release candidate (RC) for iOS 17.1 arrives shortly after the seeding of the first RC. Exclusively designed for iPhone 15 models, this RC is not available for other devices. Developers keen on the iOS 17.1 beta can access it by navigating through the Settings app, tapping on the Software Update section, followed by “Beta Updates”, and then enabling the iOS 17 Developer Beta. However, a developer account-linked Apple ID is imperative.

Noteworthy updates and improvements include:

  • AirDrop: Ensures continuity of content transfer over the internet even when out of range.
  • StandBy: Additional options to control display behavior for certain iPhone models.
  • Music: Expansion of favorite features, dynamic cover art collections, and song suggestions at the end of every playlist.
  • Bug Fixes: The update provides a remedy for various issues ranging from screen time settings syncing, and significant location privacy settings resetting, to caller name displays, and keyboard responsiveness.

Additionally, the software update can be reviewed in its entirety on Apple’s official support page. It’s also worth mentioning that this update extends support to the new USB-C Apple Pencil for iPad.

Addressing the iPhone 15 Screen Burn Issue

Apple’s iOS 17.1 update may hold the solution to the much-debated iPhone 15 screen burn concern. Owners of the iPhone 15 Pro Max had been reporting what seemed to be extreme instances of screen burn-in or image persistence, where remnants of an image appear permanently etched onto the screen.

Many turned to platforms such as Reddit, Apple’s Community forums, and Twitter to express their discontent. The problem is a well-known disadvantage of OLED displays. However, it is uncharacteristic for such issues to surface so soon into a device’s lifecycle.

The latest iOS 17.1 RC, currently available to beta testers, promises a solution. Initial feedback from testers, like Reddit users u/spriteice and u/Srihari_stan, indicates that the update has potentially rectified the problem. They have uploaded before and after images post the iOS 17.1 update showcasing the fix.

However, the true nature of the problem remains elusive. Is it genuinely screen burn-in or merely a display bug? Conventional wisdom suggests image persistence is primarily a hardware issue, demanding screen replacement. Ricky Panesar, the founder of iCorrect, opines that the issue appears algorithmic rather than actual screen burn. Apple remains tight-lipped about the specifics but the widespread release of iOS 17.1 next week may offer more clarity.


Apple’s iOS 17.1 RC promises a slew of enhancements, fixes, and potentially a solution to the screen burn issue that’s been ailing iPhone 15 Pro Max users. With its official release slated for October 24, users and tech enthusiasts alike will be keenly observing the impact and efficiency of this update.

The iOS 17.1 RC not only marks a significant leap in the technical evolution of Apple’s software but also underscores the tech giant’s commitment to addressing user concerns promptly. While the update primarily targets the iPhone 15 models, the ripple effects of its enhancements and fixes are likely to set new standards for subsequent software updates and iPhone models.

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