In a few months, Apple is set to launch iOS 17, a promising upgrade for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. This update follows the projected announcement of the iPhone 15 release date and comes equipped with an array of innovative features, not only for iPhone but for iPad and Mac as well.

From Unique iPhone Updates to Exciting iPad Features

While the upgrades for the iPhone usually garner the most attention, the new iOS 17 is equally impressive for the iPad. Both devices receive features that add flair and functionality to their respective interfaces.

StandBy and Posters for iPhone

One of the most intriguing features of the iOS 17 is StandBy. This feature transforms your iPhone into a permanent display when it’s locked and charging in landscape mode. It works best with MagSafe chargers, but non-MagSafe users can also take advantage of this feature. The new Posters feature also adds to the convenience of iOS 17 users. With Posters, users can create custom posters for their contacts that display when they make a call. This feature allows for customization of font, photo, and color to suit personal styles. Plus, users can save updated profiles into their contacts, adding a touch of neatness to their contact book.

Transcription and Visual Lookup for iPhone

Two other noteworthy features of iOS 17 are Live Voicemail and audio message transcription. Live Voicemail transcribes messages left by callers, which can be particularly useful when receiving calls from unknown numbers. Visual Lookup, another iOS 17 feature, is an upgrade to the Photos app. Users can now turn objects from photos into stickers to send in Messages and look up different information about them. This feature is particularly fun when identifying different pet breeds.

Customizable Backgrounds and Interactable Widgets for iPad

On the iPad side, iOS 17 introduces customizable backgrounds and interactable widgets on the home and lock screens. This long-awaited feature aims to boost the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the iPad interface.

Stickers: Adding Personal Touch to Messages

Stickers have been a fun way to personalize messages on iPhone and iPad, but with iOS 17, this feature is elevated. You can now lift subjects from photos, transform them into unique stickers, and add effects right from a new sticker drawer. This feature is available on both iPhones and compatible iPad models.

Turning Photos into Stickers

To turn a photo into a sticker, follow these simple steps: Open the Photos app. Select the desired photo. Long press the image until a menu pops up. Select Add Sticker. The sticker is now added to your sticker drawer, where you can add an effect, delete, rearrange, or send in Messages.

Creating Stickers in Messages

Stickers can also be created directly within the Messages app: Open the Messages app and start a new message or open an existing thread. Tap the “+” button to the left of the messaging window. Select Stickers. Tap the “+” sign to create a new sticker from a photo in your library. Select the object of the photo, and if it’s a Live Photo, it will animate automatically. Tap Add Sticker. The Sticker is now added to your list of custom Stickers, available at any time from the Sticker Drawer.

Adding Effects, Rearranging, and Deleting Stickers

iOS 17 also allows users to add effects to their stickers. To do so, press and hold the custom sticker you want to create an effect with until the menu pop-up appears and select Add Effect. You can choose from Outline, Comic, Puffy, or Shiny Effects. You can easily delete or rearrange stickers as per your preference. To do so, long-press a sticker, and select Delete to remove it from your library. To re-order, select Rearrange, and then drag the stickers around until you get the order you like.

Other Exciting iOS 17 Features

Apart from these major features, there’s a lot more to iOS 17. It brings all different Apple devices into a similar aesthetic congruity, particularly noticeable in the new Mac OS Sonoma. This feature introduces a clock on the lock screen, new screen savers, and desktop widgets. Lastly, there’s a new Journal app, which isn’t available in the beta version, but promises to be an exciting addition. For a more comprehensive exploration of iOS 17 features, check out this guide on Apple’s official website. Keep riding the Apple train and stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming features, their testing, and user reviews.

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