Reports have emerged suggesting Apple is about to announce updates for its range of iPads. Based on corroborated reports from Supercharged and 9to5Mac, the tech giant plans to unveil these updates in a press release on Tuesday, October 17. The anticipated updates concern three iPad models: the base iPad, the iPad Mini, and the iPad Air.

What to Expect: Spec Bumps and Minor Changes

The upcoming updates appear to be mainly internal, with minimal design changes. Key expected updates include:

  • iPad Air: After almost three years since the iPad Air’s M1 chip release, it is expected to receive a boost with the M2 chip.
  • iPad Mini: Current rumors suggest an upgrade to the A16 Bionic chip, a modest improvement over the present A15 Bionic chip. Additionally, Apple might address the ‘jelly scrolling’ issue with a new display controller.
  • Base iPad Model: Having received its last update in 2022, which saw design changes such as a thin bezel design, new color variants, and a Touch ID side button, not much has been rumored about its upcoming features. But with the iPad Mini rumored to have the A16 chip, speculations point towards the base iPad model following suit.

While these models are getting their refreshes, the iPad Pro will remain unchanged. The next update for this lineup is anticipated to be in 2024, with rumors of a switch to OLED displays.

Rumored Improvements

Despite the limited design changes, there’s excitement surrounding the “spec upgrades” for the base iPad model. Industry experts and enthusiasts are keen to see improved features such as Apple Pencil 2 support and enhanced battery life. Previous iterations of these models have received positive reviews, with the base iPad’s 2022 model, in particular, earning praise for its design overhaul that aligned more with the iPad Pro aesthetics.

Announcement Format and Other Details

Contrary to Apple’s typical flashy product launches, the company plans to unveil these updates via a press release. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of promotional videos appearing on platforms like YouTube, giving fans a closer look at the updated products.

It is essential to note the absence of any information regarding updates to the iPad Pro in the recent leaks. This flagship model, representing the high end of Apple’s tablet range, is earmarked for an update two years from now, which aligns with the rumors of an OLED display introduction.

Background and Previous Updates

For context, the iPad Air and base iPad model saw their last updates in 2022. The former’s update, known as iPad Air (2022), came with features that users can review here. The iPad Mini’s previous refresh dates back to 2021. Throughout their lifespans, these models have undergone various improvements, with the iPad Mini’s design remaining largely consistent, and the base iPad model adopting more of the iPad Pro’s look in recent updates.

Implications for the Tablet Market

Apple’s decision to make spec upgrades across multiple iPad models showcases the company’s commitment to ensuring its devices remain competitive in an ever-evolving tablet market. This consistency in updates can be seen as a strategic move to keep the brand relevant and at the forefront of consumer choices, given the stiff competition from other major tech companies.

Consumer Responses and Anticipation

Historically, even incremental updates from Apple have generated significant buzz in the tech community. While some consumers prioritize groundbreaking design changes, many understand and appreciate the importance of internal upgrades, which often bring about enhanced performance, better battery life, and improved overall user experience. Preliminary reactions on tech forums and social media platforms indicate positive anticipation, with many users keen on understanding the real-world implications of these chip upgrades.


With the impending announcement, Apple continues its tradition of keeping its product lineup fresh and updated. While the changes might not be groundbreaking in terms of design, the internal spec bumps ensure that users receive improved performance and an enhanced user experience. Apple enthusiasts and tech watchers will be eagerly awaiting the official press release to get the complete details on these updates. Read More.

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