The Vision Pro from Apple has made a big impact in technology, transforming augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Now, Apple plans to launch a cheaper version of the Vision Pro to reach more customers. The Verge and Bloomberg have released new information on this development.

Vision Pro’s Starting Popularity

When the first Vision Pro was released, it received much acclaim for its advanced features and smooth integration with other Apple products. Its resolution screens, accurate movement detection, and stylish design set it apart from other AR/VR devices. Customers gave good feedback as they noted how this device could alter entertainment, work, and learning.

Affordable Version of Vision Pro in Progress

The Verge and Bloomberg report that Apple is creating a cheaper Vision Pro expected to be available by late 2025. This model keeps essential features while lowering the price to attract more customers. It is expected to cost less than the current Vision Pro, which is sold at top tier prices now. With this strategy, Apple aims to get a bigger piece of the AR/VR market by appealing to buyers on a budget.

Vision Pro 2 and AR Glasses Releasing Soon

Beyond just making a cheaper Vision Pro model, Apple is also working on launching the Vision Pro 2 in 2026 with enhanced features such as better display technology, quicker processing speeds and further integration with other products from Apple. Moreover, they are setting sights on creating AR glasses that would offer an easier way for users to experience AR daily due to its lighter weight nature

Technical Advancements Present Opportunities and Obstacles

Moving towards an affordable version of the Vision includes technical advancements but also poses challenges at the same time. To maintain quality while reducing price, apple needs major breakthroughs in display technology, battery efficiency and the use of raw materials. Additionally, they must face strong competition from other technological companies fighting for dominance within the AR/VR market.


Excitement is growing for a less expensive Vision Pro, because it signifies Apple’s commitment to making innovative technology available to everyone. This development, along with Vision Pro 2 and AR glasses creation, places Apple as a leader in the AR/VR market. As these products enter the market, they are projected to have a major effect on consumer technology encouraging wider adoption and triggering innovation. Apple’s strategic approach and constant quest for excellence creates paths in digital interactions moving forward into future.


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