Black Tech Nation Ventures (, a front runner in venture funding, has reached an impressive $50 million fund to back Black and diverse entrepreneurs. This key milestone highlights the firm’s dedication to fostering the growth of a fresh wave of business owners and financial backers who offer varied ideas and breakthroughs in technology., born during a worldwide call for more diversity and inclusion, now plays a critical role in reshaping the funding scene.

The Road to Influence and Expansion

In December 2021, AFROTECH announced that had pulled together $25 million in under 12 months after starting. Kelauni Jasmyn, who started the nonprofit Black Tech Nation and also works as a general partner at, pointed out that their funding efforts were not merely a nod to diversity. They were firmly planting money into talented individuals with big potential.

Real Returns from True Innovations

Jasmyn made it clear that the fund means business. It’s not about just having fun, giving away money, or just doing good the funds aim to change how people view the venture and tech world. is backed by big names like Alphabet, Bank of America, and Mark Cuban, and has made remarkable progress. They’ve put cash into 10 early stage companies in different fields such as financial technology, health technology, climate change technology, educational technology, and AI. These startups have secured more funding at higher valuations thanks to spotting their potential early on.

Expanding Horizons isn’t stopping there. They plan to grow their investments, aiming to boost another 20 to 30 companies with their knowhow and money. They’re looking to invest between $250,000 and $1 million in each, showing the fund’s versatility and commitment to these businesses reaching greater heights. has a three pronged approach to help companies grow at different stages.

A Diverse Team Leading the Charge

Kelauni Jasmyn, David Motley, and Seán Sebastian founded They bring lots of experience and are dedicated to making the tech world more diverse. Jasmyn is a software developer and community leader. Motley has loads of knowledge in tech and innovation. Sebastian is great at investing in new companies. Together, they are strong. Topnotch LPs support them, so they can really make a difference.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

Raising $50 million wasn’t easy. People were excited in 2021, but then it got harder to get money as the market dropped and some backers stopped supporting diversity. But despite this,

Despite these obstacles and the increasing opposition to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives,’s purpose becomes ever more crucial. The company managing to meet its funding target despite these headwinds proves just how tough it is and how vital its goals are. picks its investments carefully, aiming to back founders who are often overlooked all over the US, and not just in the usual tech hotspots. By investing in firms like EMTECH, Goodfind, The Folklore, and Kloopify, not only promotes diversity but also sparks fresh ideas in important parts of the market.

Beyond Funding, Building a Legacy does way more than just hand out cash. The company is truly committed to growing an environment where its portfolio companies can thrive. This means assisting them with getting more money and handling the tricky parts of expanding their business. Additionally, works closely with Black Tech Nation to make the most of the nonprofit’s netw works hard to bring together skilled individuals and might even uncover up and coming entrepreneurs. This strategy boosts the fund’s impact by encouraging a tech industry that is more open and full of fresh ideas.


Even with doubt and political changes happening, keeps a strong belief that backing varied creators is the right thing to do and also a smart business move. Looking ahead, the fund has one main objective, to get excellent financial results by tapping into the raw power of different founders. By doing this, does more than just go against the norm. it’s creating a new model for what venture capital can achieve.


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