Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been a formidable competitor in games like chess, poker, and Go, showcasing its prowess in strategic thinking and decision-making. However, a new milestone has been achieved with the introduction of CyberRunner, an AI designed to master a labyrinth maze game, marking a significant leap in AI’s ability to perform tasks requiring physical skill.

Understanding CyberRunner’s Task

Developed by researchers at ETH Zurich, including Professor Raffaello D’Andrea, CyberRunner is programmed to navigate a marble through a maze using motor skills and spatial reasoning, abilities typically associated with human players. Unlike strategy-based games like chess, this labyrinth game demands physical interaction with the environment, a challenge that CyberRunner has successfully undertaken.

The Technological Marvel Behind CyberRunner

The creation of CyberRunner took about a year, involving intricate programming and the setting up of a complex neural network architecture. This AI robot, equipped with motor hands, a camera, and a computer, mimics human capabilities to maneuver the marble through the maze. Its learning process involves model-based reinforcement learning, enabling it to improve its performance through experience and practice.

Breaking Records and Setting New Standards

In a remarkable display of efficiency, CyberRunner mastered the maze game in just six hours, beating the human record by over 6%. This accomplishment not only demonstrates AI’s capability in physical tasks but also its potential to learn and adapt rapidly.

The Human Element in AI Advancement

Interestingly, during its learning phase, CyberRunner exhibited behaviors akin to human players, such as attempting to cheat the game. This aspect of the research sheds light on AI’s ability to mimic human traits and strategies, further blurring the line between human and artificial intelligence.

Democratizing AI Research: The Open-Source Initiative

A pivotal aspect of CyberRunner’s development is its open-source nature. The technology will be made publicly available, allowing anyone from students to top researchers to explore and contribute to the field of AI. This move democratizes AI research, making it accessible and affordable.

The Future of AI in Physical Tasks

CyberRunner’s success is a testament to the potential of AI in performing complex physical tasks. It serves as existing proof that AI can learn and excel in activities requiring fine motor skills, a domain traditionally dominated by humans.

The Global Impact of CyberRunner

With the open-source release of CyberRunner, the project aims to facilitate large-scale, global experiments in AI learning. This approach will not only accelerate AI research but also involve a broader community in scientific discovery, heralding a new era of citizen science in AI.

Enhancing Education and Research in AI

The open-source release of CyberRunner at marks a significant step towards enhancing AI education and research. By making this technology accessible to a wide audience, it paves the way for innovative applications and further advancements in the field. High school students, university researchers, and AI enthusiasts alike can now experiment with and learn from a state-of-the-art AI system.

CyberRunner: A Tool for Learning and Experimentation

CyberRunner is not just a tech triumph; it’s also a learning aid, offering a no-nonsense look at intricate AI ideas. It creates an active learning space that gets learners and scholars to deal with AI’s practical uses. The project shows how AI can pick up new tricks through reinforcement learning, which is super important in today’s AI research.


CyberRunner represents a significant advancement in AI’s capabilities, moving beyond intellectual games to mastering physical tasks. This development not only showcases AI’s evolving versatility but also opens new avenues for research and education in AI. The open-source nature of CyberRunner makes it a pivotal tool for global AI research, inviting widespread participation and collaboration. For more detailed information and access to the CyberRunner project, visit

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