Amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, Danny Trejo ached for the sweet aroma and vision of orange blossoms from Central Florida’s citrus groves. His longing wasn’t just for the trees but for the sense of home they brought him. This powerful desire led to Via Citrus, his side project that has turned into a booming business, pulling in about $40,000 each month.

From Nostalgia to Business

Danny’s leap from dreaming about his past to creating Via Citrus was driven by an urge to connect his current urban life with his childhood days spent amongst Florida’s citrus nurseries. He conceived Via Citrus as a way to spread the happiness that comes with growing your own citrus trees, enabling city dwellers and others far from orchards to engage in this fulfilling activity. Initially set up as a modest endeavor, it quickly grew in Danny’s hobby of staying in touch with his roots soon turned into a money making venture.

The Challenges of Kick Starting a Business

Jumping into this business was tough. Setting up an online store was the first big hurdle for Danny, as he had no background in creating websites or running an internet shop. He dove into the world of web development, learning everything on the fly.

Apart from technical issues, picking which citrus fruits to sell was another significant decision for Danny. It mattered because he needed to understand how different citrus plants grow and guess which ones his customers would like best. Figuring out the perfect size for these plants so they could be shipped easily without costing too much was also crucial.

Increasing Sales and Profits

In the beginning, profits were small. during the first months, sales barely hit $1,000 and were mostly from Danny’s relatives and palsists and those seeking to brighten their homes with a touch of green. Their focus on quality plants and customer service seems to be the recipe for their success. Danny is optimistic that with continued dedication, Via Citrus could further expand its reach and possibly explore new products or markets.

Word began to spread, and before you know it, Via Citrus’ sales started climbing. They now rake in about $36,000 each month on average. There’s a clear sales boost around May and December thanks to Mother’s Day and Christmas shoppers.

The Joy of Via Citrus

Danny really loves that his side gig keeps him connected to his roots. He works with his dad who handpicks and packs every citrus plant. For them, Via Citrus isn’t just business. it’s a family affair that bridges the gap between them. Every plant they send out is more than just foliage. it’s part of their heritage and symbolizes hope and fresh starts.

Looking Ahead

Via Citrus is killing it, and Danny can’t wait to see what happens next. With folks getting into indoor gardening left, right, and center, he’s in a sweet spot. They stand out because they’re all about topnotch plants and making customers happy this seems to be why they’re smashing it. If Danny plays his cards right, there might be more growth ahead for Via Citrus – maybe even branching into new territories or stuff.

People who want to take a break from too much screen time are flocking to Via Citrus. The company recently expanded by buying more land for new greenhouses, proving they’re growing fast and eager to cater to the increasing demand.

Tips for Budding Business Owners

If you’re thinking about creating your own business, Danny has straight forward advice, “Don’t fuss over making everything flawless at first. Launch your project and pay attention to what your customers say.” He stresses how vital early feedback is for perfecting and bettering your business. According to him, trying too hard to be perfect right away can actually slow down progress.

Via Citrus stands out in the side hustle game, showing that you really can turn what you love into a moneymaking venture. For Danny Trejo, his desire for a piece of home sparked an enterprise that shares the happiness of growing citrus with folks all over America.

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