Dr. Jenny Woo began as an immigrant who had trouble adjusting to a new culture and became an outstanding entrepreneur. She shows how using emotional smarts (EQ) and wanting to do good can lead to big things. Her side project, Mind Brain Emotion, makes card games about EQ and sells them on Amazon, proving that having a passion, doing your homework, and aiming to fix real problems can create a successful business. Here, we look at Woo’s business that earns more than $1.7 million annually, and what her experience teaches hopeful entrepreneurs.

The Birth of an Idea

Woo started in the business world by seeing how college kids were less emotionally smart, especially with the loneliness caused by the pandemic. With her solid background in management consulting and her

Exploring Harvard’s Academic Research

While doing academic research at Harvard University, Woo saw there was a need for tools that help develop emotional intelligence in an easy and straightforward way.

Her first creation, the “52 Essential Conversations” card game, came out in 2018. She wanted to make it easier for people of all ages to have deep and meaningful chats with each other. It wasn’t just meant to be educational. the goal was also to encourage trust, respect, and understanding which are super important for any good relationship.

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape

Choosing to sell on Amazon was a smart move because it’s so big and lots of people use it all the time. Woo made her products better by paying attention to what real people said and did, always keeping her research in mind as she marketed them.

In her business, she plans on bringing out new sets of cards every six months, she switches up her products which keeps her customers interested all the time. By focusing on high-quality items that people want, her company makes an impressive $33,000 a week in sales.

A Varied Career

Woo doesn’t just sell things on Amazon. she’s got a lot going on. She teaches at the University of California, Irvine, and also puts money into real estate. Her career shows she believes you should always keep learning and looking for new chances.

If you’re thinking about doing something on the side or starting your own business, Woo’s story can really inspire you. It shows how key it is to have passion, be tough, and be ready to change things up. Woo says if you want to start a business, Find something you really love doing, expect some tough times, and always stick to what you believe in.

The Value of Emotional Intelligence

Jenny Woo started her business with an eye on the importance of emotional smarts in our modern life. She designs products that not only teach but make using emotional intelligence part of daily routines. Woo’s card games create a place where people can share openly and have deep conversations, adding a fresh twist to growing on a personal and work level.

The Future of Mind-Brain Emotion

Woo’s got plans to take Mind Brain Emotion around the globe, shaping her venture to reach more folks far and wide. Staying true to her goal, she keeps at it – determined to share emotional know-how far and wide, envisioning a tomorrow where her creations keep changing lives for the better.


Jenny Woo’s path in building Mind Brain Emotion is one filled with creativity, grit, and dedication to bring about change Her tale sheds light on what it takes if you’re itching to get started down an entrepreneurial path seeking real-world impact.

During their venture into entrepreneurship, it’s key to tackle actual issues, use powerful platforms such as Amazon wisely, and stay faithful to what you love and believe in. This way, up and coming business owners can steer through the tricky terrain of getting a business off the ground and making it thrive.


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