Navigating the entrepreneurial challenges for over a decade and consistently growing in the process is no mean feat. The journey of Emblaze One Inc. stands as a testament to this. Not only is their story a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs, but it also offers a lot of  of lessons, strategies, and successes to learn from.

What does Emblaze One Inc. do?

Emblaze ONE Inc. is on a mission to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in taking their online businesses to success and profitability. With digital expertise, they have a lot of experience in digital advertising and marketing strategies. The brand’s forte lies in crafting celebrity-backed brands and providing custom web solutions and SAAS platforms, tailor-made for diverse business needs.

Who is the Founder of Emblaze One?

Jas Mathur: The Driving Force Behind Emblaze One Jas Mathur is not just the CEO but the vision and drive behind Emblaze One Inc. With over 20 years of executive management experience, Mathur is adept at overseeing all business operations. His mantra, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it,” encapsulates his approach. Beyond steering the ship, Mathur personally oversees the development of intricate backend systems, crafted meticulously by his team.


  • Portfolio Valuation: One of Emblaze One’s crowning achievements is the valuation of their portfolio at a staggering $1 billion.
  • Branding Prowess: The company boasts of building over 50 successful brands. What’s more commendable is their record of finding success in some of the most competitive niches like Dating, Nutrition, and Health, among others.
  • A Team Beyond Par: Achieving such amazing feats in just over a decade is no walk in the park. The exceptional team at Emblaze One, with key members like Roman Ryzhov (Team Lead, Development), Arun Shourie, and Moe Hayek, plays a key role in turning the brand’s vision into reality.

A Peek into Recent Success: Amarose Emblaze One’s recent feather in the cap is Amarose, a brand synonymous with beauty and skincare. Backed by entrepreneur and television personality, Amanda Saccomanno, popularly known as Mandy Rose from WWE Smackdown, Amarose is fast becoming a household name in beauty.

More about Emblaze

From its founding day on February 13, 2012, Emblaze ONE Inc. headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, has strived for excellence. Their award-winning global services are a combination of cutting-edge digital experiences, affordability, and lasting impact. As the weeks, months, and years rolled by, their commitment to delivering unparalleled value has garnered them a loyal clientele, who not only return but also love their services.

Speciality: Celebrity-backed brands, and customized web platforms/solutions/SAAS

In essence, Emblaze One Inc. doesn’t just build brands; they nurture them with a blend of passion, purpose, and technological prowess. As they celebrate their 11th year in the industry, their journey is not just about milestones but also about the countless businesses they’ve transformed along the way.

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