As the world goes more online, artificial intelligence, or AI, has changed how we live and work. It’s also changing the way scams are done. Now, we’re seeing everything from voice copies to complex scams called phishing, where AI leads the charge into a new age of cyber threats. It’s using our own weaknesses against us with scary accuracy.

A Terrifying Call in the Night

In Brooklyn, a couple had what’s every family’s worst fear come true. Robin, who designs interiors for a living, and her husband Steve, in law enforcement, got a call late at night that shook them up. They thought they were hearing Steve’s parents on the line, sounding like they were in deep trouble and needed urgent help.

The voice that seemed like Steve’s mom was full of panic. then came Steve’s dad’s voice, pushing them to bring Steve to the phone. But it was just a cona crook had used AI to copy the voices of Steve’s mom and dad. They made up a story about being in danger to try and get money. This kind of horror isn’t a oneoff. it’s happening all over the world with others facing similar situations. New reports are coming out that reveal the negative uses of AI.

The Evolution of AI in Crime

AI technology is evolving fast, giving bad actors a new tool to do their dirty work. Hightech voice cloning is now easier to get than ever before, thanks to outfits like ElevenLabs and Microsoft’s VallE. They’ve come up with programs that can copy anyone’s voice using just a little bit of sound. Though these inventions were meant to help people, like those who can’t speak due to illness, they’re now being misused. Criminals are using this tech for things like fake 911 calls and pretending to be famous folks. It’s clear that AI’s role in fraud is getting bigger.

The Artificial Imposter

Bad guys are now using AI not just for tricky emails but also to make fake voices for scam calls. Neal O’Farrell of the Center for AI Crime says this could mean more criminals, more crime, and more victims. These “artificial imposter” scams are growing, and it’s getting hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Many have been fooled, with some facing substantial money losses. For instance, someone working in finance was tricked into sending $25 million during a phony video call.

Staying Safe with AI Around

  • Be Doubtful, Always challenge the truth behind unexpected calls and messages. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s likely not.
  • Secret Signals, Come up with a secret word to use with those close to you in urgent situations to confirm who they are.
  • Watch Your Info, Think twice before sharing your info on the web. Crooks often use what they find on your social media to make their tricks seem legit.
  • Tell On Them, When you bump into a scam, let the cops know. This can help stop others from getting scammed too.

The charm of AI for con artists is that it lets them slip through our guard by mimicking trust. A ring from a family member or a note from a coworker could get past our doubts easy. With AI getting better all the time, stay alert.

Staying informed and on our toes is the best way to fight back against these new dangers. We must adjust to a world where being doubtful goes hand in hand with enjoying the perks AI adds to our daytoday lives.


The rise of AI in scams and frauds marks a turning point in keeping our information secure and staying safe. Despite all the amazing progress and ease AI has brought us, its exploitation by con artists serves as a clear warning about technology’s doubleedged nature. As we move forward, knowing what’s going on, learning more, and always being alert are key to shield ourselves and the people we care about from these advanced risks. Today’s digital era calls for not just tech savvy but also a sharp eye on how tech might be used against us.


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