Google’s Workspace apps, known for their seamless integration with the Android ecosystem, have long been favorites for those seeking cross-platform functionality. Apps such as Slides, Docs, and Sheets have consistently provided reliable synchronization across platforms, allowing users to maintain their workflow wherever they are. However, the dated UI design, especially in the Android app version, had become an eyesore, with many citing it as a stumbling block in productivity.

Key Changes in the New Update:

  • New Interface: A modernized design including redesigned toolbars with rounded edges, enhanced Material You theming, and fresh color palettes.
  • Consistency Across Platforms: Addressing the jarring transition previously experienced on larger devices like tablets and Chromebooks, Google ensures a uniform user experience.
  • Positional Adjustments: Editing toolbars in apps like Docs have been moved to the top, with comments now visible adjacent to the text.
  • Timelines: Google’s announcement promises the rollout in the coming weeks. Users are advised to enable automatic updates and to use the desktop versions for a more familiar experience in the interim.

Google Photos Revamps Its Web Editor

Alongside the updates to the Workspace apps, Google Photos on the web welcomes a refreshed editor. Streamlining the editing process, the update introduces more intuitive controls and tools for users.

Highlight Features:

  • Suggestions Tab: This new feature offers quick editing suggestions like ‘Enhance’, ‘Warm’, and ‘Cool’. Google One subscribers get additional perks like ‘Portrait Light’, ‘Blur’, and ‘HDR’.
  • Aspect Ratio Enhancement: An improved tool lets users easily select aspect ratios like 16:9, 4:3, and more, while also providing user-friendly drag and rotation options.
  • Improved Filters: Previously the primary tab, ‘Filters’ has now been relocated to the end, ensuring users focus on essential edits first.
  • Availability: The redesign features a prominent blue prompt, “Try the new editor”, signaling users about the update.

More Google Android App Updates Await

Reflecting its commitment to a uniform and modern user experience, Google teased a UI update for three Android apps, namely Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These updates have been described as a “modernized visual design”. Users should eagerly anticipate a plethora of changes ranging from new toolbars, and icons, to background colors.

Spread of the Update:

  • Staggered Rollout: As with most of Google’s updates, the rollout will be staggered over the next few weeks, reaching users in different regions at varying times.
  • User Feedback: Google encourages users to provide feedback, particularly about any hidden features or “goodies” that they might discover post-update.

User Experience at the Forefront

Google’s dedication to improving user experience isn’t a sudden pivot. Over the years, the tech giant has gathered feedback from millions of users worldwide, using this invaluable data to make iterative improvements to its apps and services. The recent changes, particularly in the Workspace apps, reflect Google’s recognition of the growing trend of remote work and the increasing reliance on mobile and cloud-based productivity tools.


In conclusion, these updates signal Google’s consistent commitment to refining the user experience across platforms. Given the ubiquitous nature of Google’s apps, these changes are bound to have a significant impact. Those interested in learning more about Google’s design philosophy and updates can visit Google’s official design portal

Furthermore, it’s evident that Google continues to prioritize seamless integration and consistent design throughout its app ecosystem. This alignment ensures that whether a user is on a mobile device, tablet, Chromebook, or desktop, the experience remains familiar and intuitive.


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