As 2024 approaches, Google is gearing up to revolutionize its AI chatbot services with the introduction of Google Bard Advanced, a paid tier of its existing Bard platform. This development is part of a broader suite of new features, including custom bots, tasks, shared queries, and “Power-Ups.” Google’s move marks a significant shift in the landscape of AI chatbot technology and user interaction.

Introducing Google Bard Advanced

  • Google Bard Advanced, set to be bundled with Google One subscriptions, represents the company’s first foray into a paid AI chatbot service.
  • Powered by Google’s new Gemini AI model, Bard Advanced boasts advanced math and reasoning skills.
  • Users may get a three-month free trial of Bard Advanced, though these details are subject to change.

Google’s Gemini Model: The Power Behind Bard

  • Unveiled in early December 2023, the Gemini model consists of three tiers: Nano, Pro, and Ultra.
  • The Pro version currently powers Bard, while the more advanced Ultra version is slated to drive Bard Advanced.
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai has highlighted Gemini’s superior ability to understand and reason about various inputs, surpassing existing models.

Emerging Features in Google Bard

  • Custom bots, under the codename “Motoko,” are in development, potentially requiring Bard Advanced for full functionality.
  • The new “Gallery” section aims to inspire users with Bard’s capabilities.
  • The “Tasks” feature suggests a space for ongoing tasks that require more processing time, such as image generation.
  • Improved sharing options for customizing Bard queries are also in the works.
  • A “Power Up” feature is expected to enhance user prompts within Bard.

Subscription Models and Accessibility

  • Details suggest that Bard Advanced may be tied to certain Google One subscription tiers, though official confirmation is pending.
  • The possibility of Bard Advanced being available as a standalone tier within Google One is also being explored.

Google’s Competitive Edge and Future Prospects

  • Google has compared Gemini Ultra with OpenAI’s GPT-4, asserting its superior benchmark performance.
  • Safety checks are underway for Gemini Ultra, ensuring its reliability before its official release.
  • The official launch date for Bard Advanced is not yet confirmed, but it is expected to be available early in the year.

Implications for the AI Industry

  • The launch of Google Bard Advanced sets a precedent for the monetization of AI chatbot services, influencing future market trends.
  • Google’s move could prompt other tech giants to follow suit, potentially leading to a range of advanced, subscription-based AI services.
  • The development underscores the growing importance of AI in everyday life, making technology more accessible and user-friendly.

User Experience and Expectations

  • Google Bard Advanced promises a more personalized and enhanced user experience, with capabilities that far exceed those of current AI models.
  • With features like custom bots and advanced reasoning, users can expect a more engaging and productive interaction with AI.
  • The prospect of integrating AI into more aspects of daily life, from work tasks to personal organization, becomes increasingly feasible.

Looking Ahead: The Future of AI at Google

  • Google’s continuous investment in AI research and development suggests further innovation in this field.
  • Future enhancements and new AI models are likely, with potential impacts across various sectors including healthcare, education, and entertainment.
  • The focus on safety, ethics, and reliability in AI development remains a priority for Google, ensuring responsible use of technology.


Google Bard Advanced signals a new era in AI chatbot technology. With its advanced features, Google aims to enhance user experience and set new standards in AI capabilities. The integration of Bard Advanced with Google One subscriptions suggests a strategic approach to accessibility and market penetration. As the world awaits its official release, Google Bard Advanced is poised to redefine the boundaries of AI chatbot interaction.

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