Google has updated its Chrome browser, modifying the warning message for its Incognito mode. This move follows a major lawsuit alleging that Google wrongfully gathered user data, even when they were using Incognito mode.

Background of Incognito Mode and the Lawsuit

Chrome’s Incognito mode, long misunderstood by users, was designed to prevent browsing history from being stored locally on devices. However, the feature does not offer complete privacy, as it does not conceal user activity in the same way a VPN might. This partial privacy has been a point of contention, leading to a $5 billion class-action lawsuit against Google in 2020. Plaintiffs alleged that Google continued tracking users through various tools like Google Analytics, applications, and browser plug-ins, even in Incognito mode. The lawsuit culminated in a settlement in late December, with details remaining confidential pending judicial approval.

Key Changes in the Disclaimer

  • Previous Disclaimer: Focused on local privacy, stating that others using the same device would not see the user’s activity. However, it did not communicate how data could be collected by websites and services, including Google.
  • Updated Disclaimer: Now explicitly states that “others who use this device won’t see your activity,” but clarifies that “this won’t change how data is collected by websites you visit and the services they use, including Google.”

Details of the Updated Disclaimer

The updated warning, first noticed by MSPowerUser and later confirmed by other sources, includes a more explicit mention of data collection by websites and Google services. It highlights that while Incognito mode offers a degree of privacy for local users on the same device, it does not affect the data collection practices of websites visited and their services. Notably, the update retains elements of the old disclaimer, such as mentioning that downloads, bookmarks, and reading list items will still be saved.

Google’s Response and Future Plans

After settling the lawsuit, a spokesperson from Google made it clear that they’re dedicated to being more transparent about Incognito Mode. They pointed out that Incognito would still let people surf the web without keeping track of what they do on their browser or gadget. The goal of the update is to lay out what Incognito can and can’t do, hoping to dodge any mix-ups and legal issues down the line.

Implications for Users

If you use Chrome’s Incognito mode, note the tweaks and get what kind of privacy it gives you. It hides your browsing history from others on the same device but doesn’t give full anonymity or stop sites and their services from gathering your data. This point is key for people counting on Incognito to keep things private.

Understanding Privacy in the Digital Age

Nowadays, knowing about privacy online is super important. Incognito Mode gives you some privacy, but it doesn’t cover everything. It stops your browsing history, cookies, and site info from being saved on your device. But it can’t stop websites, people in charge of networks, or service providers from watching what you do.

Key Considerations for Online Privacy:

  • Activity Visibility: Even in Incognito Mode, activities can be visible to websites visited, employers, schools, and internet service providers.
  • Data Collection by Services: Services, including Google, collect data about user activity, regardless of the browsing mode.
  • Misconceptions: The belief that Incognito Mode or similar features offer complete anonymity is a common misconception that users should be aware of.


Google just updated its Incognito mode warning in Chrome to be clearer about data privacy. Everyone’s talking about digital privacy, and this move is a big deal because it tells people straight up what happens with their info online. If you want to know how to browse safely and keep your details private, users can visit FTC’s guide on Online Privacy.

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