Google has recently updated its popular video conferencing tool, Google Meet, with a new feature designed to enhance the experience for mobile users. Recognizing the challenges faced by professionals who often find themselves in meetings while commuting, Google Meet’s new ‘On-the-Go’ mode promises to make mobile meetings more convenient and less disruptive, especially for those on the move.

Understanding ‘On-the-Go’ Mode

The ‘On-the-Go’ mode is crafted to assist users during instances when they are mobile—whether that’s walking, riding in a car, or taking public transportation. Here’s how it makes a difference:

  • Detection of Movement: Google Meet on mobile will now be able to detect when you’re in motion and suggest you switch to ‘On-the-Go’ mode for an optimized experience.
  • Simplified Controls: This mode introduces “big, easy-to-press buttons” at the bottom half of the screen for essential functions like mute/unmute, hand raising, selection of audio devices/sources, and ending calls.
  • Focus on Audio: To save on bandwidth and reduce distractions, video will be turned off, with no option for transmitting or receiving video feeds. However, users can still view presentations in full screen and access support for breakout rooms.
  • Manual and Automatic Activation: You can turn on ‘On-the-Go’ manually from the More Controls section or allow it to activate automatically. A prompt and countdown make it easy to switch modes without fuss.

The Launch and Accessibility of ‘On-the-Go’

The feature started rolling out on a Wednesday and is set to become available to a wide array of users:

  • Rollout Status: ‘On-the-Go’ mode is currently live on Android and accessible via Gmail and the standalone Google Meet apps.
  • Wide Availability: All Google Workspace customers, along with users owning personal Google accounts, can take advantage of this feature.
  • Seamless Experience on the Move: With a focus on presenting key information, such as the active speaker and participant count, ‘On-the-Go’ is geared towards offering a streamlined meeting interface while traveling.

‘Car Mode’ for Safer Meetings While Driving

Google has tailored the ‘On-the-Go’ mode to suit a range of scenarios, including a specialized ‘car mode’ for users who need to attend meetings from their vehicles. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Safety First: The car mode disables video by default to prioritize safety, ensuring drivers can focus on the road without distractions.
  • Interface Simplification: With an emphasis on communication, the interface has been simplified. Large buttons and easy-to-navigate controls minimize the need for visual attention, which is especially beneficial during driving.
  • Business and Beyond: While this mode supports the professional needs of entrepreneurs and employees alike, its benefits extend to any group call context, ensuring a safer and more focused communication platform for everyone involved.

Google’s Interest in Vehicle Technology

Google’s venture into enhancing vehicle interface systems goes beyond Google Meet’s ‘car mode’. Here’s a look at Google’s broader engagement with automotive technology:

  • Android Auto: Google’s Android Auto is an established system designed for modern vehicle screens, offering easier access to apps for music, GPS, and calls.
  • Expanding to Older Models: The new update also considers millions of older car models, providing a driving-friendly phone interface for a vast user base.


Google Meet’s ‘On-the-Go’ mode is a timely innovation, addressing the dynamic needs of today’s workforce and mobile users. By enhancing mobile access to meetings and prioritizing key communication features, Google continues to adapt its services to match the fast-paced lifestyle of its users. As the work environment becomes increasingly mobile, features like ‘On-the-Go’ mode not only reflect Google’s commitment to user-centric design but also highlight its ongoing efforts to ensure safety and productivity go hand in hand.

To learn more about how Google Meet can facilitate your mobile communication, please visit the official Google Meet help center.

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