Google Search, known for its extensive built-in tools, has unveiled its latest offering, a grammar checker. Users can now verify if a sentence or phrase is grammatically correct directly through the search engine on both mobile and desktop platforms. Currently, this feature is only available in English.

What’s The Process?

For using the grammar check, you just need to type a sentence or phrase in the search bar and then add “grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker”. You don’t always need this, but it makes sure Google starts the tool each time. When you do this, a box labeled “Grammar Check” shows up at the start of your search results. If everything is fine with your text, you’ll see a green tick on the box. But, if there’s something wrong, Google will fix the sentence and underline what they changed. This tool doesn’t only identify grammar issues but also rectifies any spelling errors. By hovering over the corrected version, users can reveal a “Copy” button to effortlessly incorporate the suggested changes.

Behind the curtain, Google utilizes AI systems to dissect and understand language nuances. Users should note, though, that the grammar checker may not always deliver perfect accuracy, particularly with incomplete sentences or phrases.

User Feedback

The goal to constantly improve has led Google to add a feedback tool. If users find any issues with the recommended changes, they can press the ‘Feedback’ button found at the bottom-right corner. From there, they can pick among different feedback choices: “This is useful,” “This isn’t connected,” “Suggestion is wrong,” or “Suggestion is rude” and also include any extra thoughts or ideas.

Limitations and Policies

While generally helpful, there are certain limitations to this grammar check tool. Notably, it doesn’t perform optimally when assessing complex sentences or evaluating the appropriateness of ‘fewer’ and ‘less’ in certain contexts.

Also, Google’s grammar check won’t run for content that may violate Google Search’s overall policies or specific Search feature policies. This includes potentially dangerous content, medical advice, or inputs containing vulgar language and profanity.

Adding to the Toolkit

The addition of the grammar checker enriches Google Search’s impressive array of built-in utilities. These include a metronome, dictionary, speed test, color picker, spinner, meditate, calculator, flip a coin, roll a die, and others.

This feature’s launch aligns with Google’s aspiration to transform Search into a more multifunctional tool, less a conventional search engine and more a general-purpose interface to summon a variety of utilities. Such a move encourages more interaction and engagement with Google Search, bolstering the platform’s reach and relevance.

For more complex grammar-checking needs, Google Docs’ inbuilt tool, which has shown superior performance in spotting errors, could be a better alternative. For additional details and updates on the feature, visit Google’s support page.


Google’s introduction of a grammar-checking feature to its Search function further solidifies its place as a comprehensive digital tool. The release shows the big tech company’s dedication to making a better and more flexible experience for its users. As usual, what users say will be very important in improving and making this new function better over time.

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