At CES 2024, Google presented some big updates to Android Auto and their car services embedded with Google. These changes aim to make life easier for those who drive electric vehicles (EVs) and use Google products in their vehicles.

Advanced Features for EV Owners

  • Real-time Battery Info on Google Maps: Very soon, EV drivers will be able to share their battery status with Google Maps on Android Auto, a feature that was only available on cars equipped with Google services. It lets you know how much battery you might have when you get somewhere, which helps you better plan your trip and manage your charging stops. The Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning are up first to get this feature in the next few months, and other EVs will follow suit.

Seamless Integration for Google Built-in Users

  • Smartphone-to-Car Directions: Google has made it simpler for people using cars with Google apps built in to send route instructions from their phones straight to their car’s system, whether they have an iPhone or Android phone.
  • More Apps Available: Cars with Google built in will now offer even more apps like PBS Kids, Crunchyroll, and The Weather Channel app along with online browsing via Chrome. Right now, only some Volvo and Polestar models can do this.

Upgrades to Android Auto

Better Car Connection: For Android Auto, Google has boosted the link to some Ford models namely the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. Drivers can check their battery level on Google Maps which helps them figure out their journey and keep tabs on their charge levels.

Digital Car Keys Now Working with Some Volvo Models: Android users, rejoice! You can now use digital car keys on some Volvo vehicles. But keep in mind, that you’ll need a phone that has Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tech. Hang tight, ’cause more phones will be able to do this trick in the not-so-distant future.

Competitive Edge in the Automotive Industry

The latest upgrades from Google are timely as car software gets looked at closely for being too distracting. Yet, these new features also throw light on the ongoing clash between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS in the world of cars. With Google beefing up Android Auto and rolling out more built-in services, they’re making bold moves to outdo Apple CarPlay. This just goes to show how fierce the fight is getting in this field.

Safety and Convenience

Even though these new features are pretty creative, safety pros are a bit worried about them taking drivers’ eyes off the road. Google’s on top of it though, making sure you can only use stuff like Chrome and videos when you’re parked. Finding that sweet spot between cool tech and keeping it safe is super important as car tech keeps changing.

Looking Ahead

Google spilling the beans at CES 2024 gives us a sneak peek into a bright future for car tech, especially if you’re team Android. They’re all about growing these perks across more rides and adding features that are a breeze to use. Google’s setting up to ramp up how we enjoy our drives. It’ll be neat to see how all this tech shakes things up for cars and driving down the road. If you want the scoop on Google’s CES 2024 news, hit up Google’s Blog.


Google dropping news at CES 2024 shows they’re dead set on making the time we spend in cars better. They’ve got a lineup of fresh stuff for Android Auto and built-in services, pushing ahead in-car tech and stepping up their game against Apple in the car biz. As these gadgets weave into our daily grind, they’re sure to add some zip and make our rides smoother.

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