On March 21, 2024, the world of mobile games was shaken up by the launch of Call of Duty, Warzone Mobile (WZM), which notched a staggering 50 million preregistrations before hitting the scene. That’s huge! It goes to show just how much buzz this game has created, pointing to an exciting future for mobile gaming enthusiasts all around the planet.

Unveiling the Mobile Battlefield

This isn’t just another game releaseit’s a landmark moment after years in the making. WZM brings players to familiar territories like Verdansk and other hotspots such as Rebirth Island. With room for up to 120 players in one go, it throws down an epic challenge with modes like Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch and more set to keep everybody on their toes.

Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming

Chris Plummer, mucketymuck at Activision and coboss of their mobile division, is through the roof with enthusiasm. He’s been talking about how WZM is set to turn heads and shake things up on our handheld devices. And guess what? It looks like he might be right!

WZM is described as “the most ambitious” mobile game by one of the developers. Its goal is to bring together Call of Duty fans and mobile gamers around the world by providing a highly engaging, topnotch gameplay and visual experience.

Day Zero Event, An Unmatched Launch

The Day Zero event is adding some hype with unique perks and communitywide challenges. Starting on March 22nd, gamers will have the chance to take part in various tasks within contested areas to earn Event Points (EP). Gathering these points rewards players with exclusive items like skins and blueprints. At the same time, all of the EP earned by every player will help unlock more perks for everyone.

How to Join Day Zero

  • Complete designated Event Actions within contested areas across any of the game modes.
  • These actions cover things like opening Supply Boxes, getting rid of opponents, finishing contracts, among others.
  • You’ll find special Day Zero Supply Drops that contain better gear, more money, extra XP, and E

Seamless CrossPlatform Experience

WZM now offers crossprogression with Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty, Warzone, which means you can keep your weapon, character, and battle pass progress no matter what device you play on. Simply put, you can switch from mobile to PC or console and pick up right where you left off.

Controller Support and Accessibility

WZM makes sure everyone can play their way by supporting all types of game controllers. By doing so, more people than ever before can enjoy gaming in a way that suits them best.

A Troubled Journey to Triumph

The path to getting WZM out there was rocky, to say the least. When it first came onto the scene in September 2022, the game got tangled up in some big debates. This included issues around Microsoft trying to buy Activision Blizzard. But even with these bumps in the road, WZM’s release stands as a testament to overcoming adversity. This success is thanks to the hard work of the game’s creators and the consistent support from its fans.

A New Era for Mobile Gaming

The release of WZM marks a significant momentit’s not just another game hitting the shelves, but it’s kicking off a fresh phase in mobile gaming. Boasting big preregistration figures, powerful game mechanics, and an exciting Day Zero event, WZM is ready to grab gamers’ attention and raise the bar for future mobile games.

The epic adventure of Call of Duty, Warzone Mobile is kicking off, offering players around the globe an experience filled with excitement that merges Call of Duty’s action with the ease of playing on their phones. Gamers, get ready – this one’s all for you!


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