The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is growing and showing its commitment to followers around the planet. Under President Russell M. Nelson’s leadership, the church has a big plan to build 15 new temples worldwide. This includes two in Utah. The news came out at the April 2024 General Conference, which happens twice a year. It’s a clear move to bring the church’s most sacred places closer to members everywhere.

A Global Footprint

The planned temples will be spread out, confirming that the church wants to reach its many different members no matter where they are. Here are where the future temples are going up, West Jordan, Utah, and Lehi, Utah. These will increase Utah’s temples‘ count.

  • On October 30, this event made an even stronger connection between the church’s importance in both its history and current practices.
  • Across the Globe, Locations like Edinburgh in Scotland. Yuma in Arizona. South Area of Houston, Texas. Des Moines in Iowa. and more, show the church’s continuous effort to build temples all over the world. These temples are essential for providing a place for worship and helping followers deepen their faith wherever they may be.

Holy Places for Prayer and Thought

Temples from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are special places, different from the regular meetinghouses. They are set aside for the most holy ceremonies of the religion, which includes marriages meant to last forever and sacred teaching experiences known as endowments. Only members who follow certain rules of the faith can go inside these temples, decided through talking with local church leaders.

Even though not everyone can enter all the time, there are special times when new or renewed temples open their doors wider. During these open houses, more people can see these peaceful and holy spaces and Important surroundings.

Guide and Heritage

Leading this momentous growth is President Russell M. Nelson, the oldest president in the church’s history, who has guided the faith through important shifts and hurdles, like the worldwide COVID19 crisis. His leadership stands out for its focus on welcoming everyone, spreading the church’s reach across the globe, and maintaining true teachings, including,

  • An ambitious program to build temples around the world that has greatly increased their number since he became president.
  • A change in how the church is referred to, moving from the informal “Mormon” to its official full name, stressing the importance of Jesus Christ in its doctrine.
  • The launch of a new youth program with a global perspective after ending the church’s longtime tie with the Boy Scouts of America.

The Significance of Temple Devotion

The April 2024 General Conference underscored the deep significance of temples and worshipping in temples is huge for church goers. Leaders, including President Nelson, have spoken beautifully about how going to temples can bring great benefits such as personal insight, stronger faith, and heavenly advice. Temples are seen as special places where the spiritual and earthly worlds connect, where followers can feel nearer to God and get His advice more clearly.

Looking Forward, Growth and Spiritual Connection

The news of building new temples doesn’t just show that the church is getting bigger. It also shows an effort to reach out to members everywhere, giving them more chances for holy worship and making sacred promises. This growth goes hand in hand with President Nelson’s plan to make sure all churchgoers, no matter where they live, can get to a temple. As The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints keeps growing, its main aim is still to help members build a stronger bond with Christ through temple worship and by keeping the promises they’ve made.
Inside these sacred walls.


To wrap things up, President Nelson’s big news isn’t just about the church growing in size. It’s also a sign of its neverending goal to help members all over the world grow spiritually. With each new temple that’s built, more and more people get the chance to strengthen their faith and devotion to Jesus Christ’s lessons. This supports the main purpose of the churchto lead people to Him.

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