In a highly anticipated announcement, Humane, the cutting-edge company launched by former Apple employees, has unveiled its first device – the Humane Ai Pin. Noted for its enticing promise of a post-smartphone era that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), the company has piqued the curiosity of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

A Fresh Approach to AI and Wearable Technology

The Humane Ai Pin is expected to be powered by “an advanced Snapdragon platform” in collaboration with Qualcomm, set for a late 2023 release. This information, however, only scratches the surface of what this enigmatic gadget could offer.

Device Features and Capabilities

Details about the Ai Pin remain sparse, but the device’s features, as demonstrated at a TED conference in April by co-founder Imran Chaudhri, hint at its broad capabilities. This list includes: Functioning as a voice assistant, Making and receiving phone calls Providing automated daily summaries Identifying objects (like a chocolate bar) to provide related information (such as nutritional facts), and projecting a small green screen into the user’s hand. Despite the demo, many questions remain unanswered. For instance, during the presentation, the device automatically translated Chaudhri’s words from English to French without making a translation request. The magic behind this feat remains undisclosed.

Intriguing Design and Wearability

The gadget’s nomenclature, the ‘Ai Pin,’ suggests the device’s wearable nature. Chaudhri’s demonstration showed the device sticking out of a breast pocket, reminiscent more of a deck of cards than a pin, likely a prototype. The term ‘pin’ implies that the device can be pinned onto clothing, doing away with the necessity of pockets. In its press release, Humane referred to it as a “clothing-based wearable device”, reinforcing the wearable nature of the gadget.

Distinct Design Elements and Influences

The Humane Ai Pin exhibits an Apple-like design language in the light bar at the top of the device that recalls Apple’s original multi-colored logo. The lowercase “i” in the name is another subtle yet noticeable nod to Apple’s iconic branding.

Anticipating a New Computing Paradigm

The Humane Ai Pin aims to bring a fresh computing perspective, favoring a “screenless, seamless, and sensing” model. The device looks to weave technology subtly into the background, enabling users to remain engaged with their surroundings, contrary to Apple’s emphasis on “spatial computing”. Humane is championing a “contextual computing” approach. The Ai Pin’s operating system is said to support natural language input, ensuring ease of use for consumers. Always-on microphones, an inbuilt speaker, and at least one camera are some of the features that the device houses. An intriguing attribute is a small projector that can beam incoming calls into the user’s hand, as demonstrated during the TED Talk. For a comprehensive view of the device’s potential and features, consider watching Chaudhri’s TED Talk here.


While Humane remains relatively tight-lipped about the device’s specifics, the use of “AI” 22 times in their release, alongside a reference to the Ai Pin “using a range of sensors that enable contextual and ambient compute interactions,” gives a glimpse into its capabilities. The Humane Ai Pin aims to redefine how users interact with technology. It offers a unique wearable solution that emphasizes a seamless blend of technology into the user’s everyday life, making it unobtrusive and efficient.

A Vision for a Post-Smartphone World

Humane’s endeavor with the Ai Pin is not merely to introduce a new gadget into the market but to lead the charge toward a post-smartphone world. The device seeks to replace our smartphones, pushing technology into the background while keeping users firmly anchored in their environment.

Impressive Backing and Anticipation

Humane’s journey towards a post-smartphone era is propelled by an impressive pool of investors and backers. With more than $200 million in funding, the startup enjoys the support of notable entities such as OpenAI founder Sam Altman, Microsoft, Volvo, and LG. The founders’ roots in Apple undoubtedly lend credibility to the venture. Imran Chaudhri, one of the key figures behind the iPhone’s touch-based UI, and Bethany Bongiorno, known for her project management role in iOS and macOS, are the brains behind this operation. This experienced duo’s combined expertise sets a high bar for the Ai Pin’s potential and increases anticipation for the device.

The Road Ahead

Despite the excitement, Humane has maintained a slow and steady pace of information disclosure, perhaps adding to the gadget’s intrigue. Key details such as the functioning of the device, the nature of cloud connectivity, the rationale behind using a projector instead of a phone screen, and pricing are still under wraps. However, Humane assures that these details will unfold in the upcoming months.

Intrigue and Potential

The Ai Pin is not just another AI device in the market; it represents a significant leap toward a new way of interacting with technology. The device seeks to introduce a fresh form factor and represents a bold new idea in our increasingly screen-dominated world. This blend of innovation and boldness could mark the onset of a new chapter in AI-driven computing, seamlessly integrating technology into our daily lives. While the success of the Humane Ai Pin is yet to be seen, the tech world waits with bated breath for its release and the potential revolution it could ignite in the realm of personal technology.

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