IKEA, a company renowned for its affordable and innovative home furnishings, is set to enhance the smart home experience with its latest lineup of smart home sensors. This move marks a significant step in the company’s ongoing commitment to providing affordable and user-friendly smart home solutions. The new products include the Parasoll door and window sensor, the Vallhorn wireless motion sensor, and the Barding water leakage sensor, all designed to offer enhanced security and convenience in the modern home.

Introducing the New Smart Home Sensors

  • Parasoll Door and Window Sensor: The first in the lineup, Parasoll, is a discreetly mountable sensor for doors and windows. It notifies users of unexpected openings or closings and can be paired directly with an IKEA smart bulb.
  • Vallhorn Wireless Motion Sensor: The Vallhorn sensor activates lights upon detecting movement, offering both indoor and outdoor utility. It features IP44 splash protection, making it suitable for all weather conditions. This sensor can control up to 10 IKEA smart bulbs and offers customizable light settings.
  • Barding Water Leakage Sensor: The Barding sensor is designed to alert homeowners of water leaks before significant damage occurs. It can trigger a mobile notification or an in-built alarm, providing an early warning system against potential water damage.

Design and Compatibility

All three sensors boast a sleek, white design, allowing them to blend seamlessly into various home settings. They are compatible with IKEA’s Dirigera Hub, with the Vallhorn also working with the older Tradfri gateway. This compatibility ensures that the sensors can be integrated into existing smart home setups, enhancing their functionality and user-friendliness.

User Experience and Safety at the Forefront

Stjepan Begic, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden, emphasized the company’s focus on creating products that enhance the feeling of safety and comfort at home. The introduction of these sensors aligns with IKEA’s vision of providing affordable and accessible smart home technology to a broad consumer base.

Advanced Features and Easy Integration

The Vallhorn sensor’s ability to control up to 10 smart bulbs directly and its enhanced room coverage make it a significant improvement over IKEA’s existing motion sensors. The Barding water sensor’s built-in siren and mobile notification capability offer an added layer of security against water damage.

Price and Availability

  • Pricing: The Parasoll is priced at €9.99, while Vallhorn and Barding are priced at €7.99 and €9.99, respectively, in Europe. US pricing is yet to be announced, but these products are expected to be priced under $10.
  • Availability: The Vallhorn sensor will be available in select countries, including the US, starting in January 2024. Parasoll will launch internationally in the same month but will roll out in the US in April. Barding will be available from April in some countries and in the US from July.

Future Developments and Matter Support

IKEA has also announced its plans to integrate Matter support into its smart home ecosystem. By activating the Thread radio inside the Dirigera hub, IKEA aims to bridge its Zigbee-based devices with the new smart home standard. This development is eagerly anticipated as it will further enhance the interoperability of IKEA’s smart home products with other Matter-compatible devices, making the integration and operation of smart home systems more seamless for users.

The Importance of User-Friendly Technology

IKEA’s strategy with smart home tech is all about keeping it simple and easy for everyone. They provide hassle-free setups and interfaces that are a piece of cake to use. The goal is to let more people, even beginners to home automation, get their hands on smart tech.


IKEA’s latest foray into smart home technology underscores its commitment to making advanced home automation accessible and affordable. With these new sensors, IKEA continues to democratize the smart home experience, offering customers innovative solutions to enhance their home’s security and convenience. For more information on IKEA’s smart home products, visit IKEA’s Smart Home section.

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