The public beta versions of iPadOS 17 and iOS 17 are live, offering users a glimpse into the innovative features these new operating systems will bring to their devices this fall. While both updates draw some inspiration from the best features of iPhones, they add a level of customization and productivity options that we haven’t seen before. These updates may not seem groundbreaking, but they offer interesting features worth exploring during the beta phase.

iPadOS 17 and iOS 17: Noteworthy Features

Here’s a look at some of the key features to try in the public beta of both iPadOS 17 and iOS 17:

1. Personalized Lock Screen

Borrowing the lock screen experience from iOS 16, iPadOS 17 introduces a range of customization options. It makes the lock screen more personal and functional, with features such as a new photo shuffling option and a live photo option. The former cycles different photos throughout the day, while the latter slowly zooms in on the lock screen wallpaper, delivering a semi-3D experience. In iOS 17, the lock screen customization extends into the phone app, where you can now express a little personality with your Contact Card.

2. Interactive Widgets

Widgets have become more interactive in iPadOS 17. They can now be placed and used on the lock screen, blending better with the background. They appear semi-transparent, being part of the background but also standing out as singular apps.

3. Stage Manager

Stage Manager, which launched last year on iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, gets a set of quality-of-life upgrades in iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. The feature, designed to enhance productivity, now allows users to place windows anywhere on the screen and resize them via pinch and zoom gestures. Preset window arrangements are also available to simplify usage.

4. Health App

Apple’s Health App has now been introduced to iPads via iPadOS 17. Tracking progress on a tablet’s larger display provides a better experience for users. All your data syncs between devices, enabling you to switch between tracking your progress on an iPhone and iPad.

5. FaceTime Reactions

FaceTime Reactions are a fun feature introduced in iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma. Simple gestures can trigger effects like balloons, fireworks, rain, and more. The best part is that Reactions also work with third-party video calling apps.

6. Stickers

iOS 17 introduces a new feature allowing users to convert photos into stickers. Adding a white border or applying an effect creates a fun and personalized sticker experience.

7. Standby Mode

StandBy mode is a delightful feature in iOS 17 that turns your iPhone into a bedside clock while it charges. You can pick from various clockfaces, a calendar view with widgets, or have it display photos.

8. Better Keyboard

The keyboard in iOS 17 has received a collection of updates. Notably, it won’t autocorrect your favorite four-letter word anymore, and the space bar doesn’t automatically make corrections.

9. Live Voicemail

iOS 17 introduces live voicemail. When a call comes in, you can now send it to voicemail from the call screen and read a live transcription of the caller’s message.

10. Automatically Sorted Grocery Lists

The Reminders app in iOS 17 will automatically sort a grocery list for you, making it easier to manage your shopping list. These features are just a snapshot of the plethora of new options and enhancements set to arrive with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 this fall. They represent Apple’s continuous endeavor to make your iPhone and iPad experience more personal, functional, and delightful. For a more detailed exploration of these features and instructions on how to download the public beta versions, you may want to check Apple’s official preview page.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

As we prepare to embrace these changes in the fall, it’s exciting to consider the potential that iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 bring. The developers at Apple are constantly pushing the envelope and innovating with each new release. By carefully blending new features with improved versions of existing ones, Apple ensures that each update feels fresh while maintaining the ease of use and intuitiveness that its users value. While the latest operating systems are currently in public beta and subject to potential issues and changes, the overarching themes of personalization, convenience, and productivity enhancements offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of Apple’s user experience. We can’t wait to see these features in their full glory when iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 officially launch this fall.

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