Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 15 Pro brought with it a notable change in hardware design: the introduction of a customizable “action button” in lieu of the traditional ring/silent switch. Tesla owners, known for their penchant for innovation and technology, have been quick to adapt this feature, turning their iPhones into makeshift key fobs for their vehicles.

The Evolution of iPhone Controls

Since the iPhone’s inception in 2007, users have been accustomed to the ring/silent switch. The introduction of the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro marks a significant shift in user customization. This programmable button allows users to set shortcuts for tasks they frequently perform. While typical applications might include opening the camera, initiating voice memos, or toggling the flashlight, Tesla owners have found a more automotive-centric use.

Tesla and the iPhone: A Seamless Integration

Tesla vehicles are renowned for their integration of technology. Historically, they have not included physical key fobs, opting instead for app-based control or a key card system. There was even an instance where a Tesla enthusiast went to the extreme of implanting a chip in his hand for the sole purpose of unlocking his vehicle. With the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button, Tesla owners now have a more tactile and immediate way to control various functions of their cars.

Key Features Accessible via the Action Button:

  • Starting the vehicle
  • Activating the air conditioning
  • Turning on the heated seats and steering wheel
  • Enabling the car’s sentry mode
  • Adjusting windows
  • Commencing and halting charging
  • Opening the frunk or trunk (exclusive actions)
  • Combining various actions for a multi-step shortcut

Setting Up the Tesla Shortcut

For Tesla owners looking to utilize this feature, the setup process is straightforward. By delving into the iPhone’s settings, users can navigate to the “Action Button” option, swipe to “Shortcuts,” and then select the Tesla-specific shortcut that aligns with their desired command.

The Buzz on Social Media

Unsurprisingly, the innovative use of the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button by Tesla owners has not gone unnoticed. Enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike have taken to social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts, showcasing the diverse range of Tesla-specific actions they’ve programmed into their iPhones.

The Future of Smartphone and Vehicle Integration

The merging of smartphones and vehicles is a testament to the rapid technological advancements we’ve seen in recent years. With the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button serving as the latest catalyst, experts are speculating on the next wave of integrations.

Predicted Integrations:

  • Enhanced Navigation Sync: The possibility of your smartphone’s navigation system seamlessly syncing with your car’s dashboard to provide real-time traffic updates, alternate routes, and even points of interest tailored to the driver’s preferences.
  • Health Monitoring: Leveraging sensors in both smartphones and vehicles, there’s potential for monitoring the driver’s vital signs. This could be critical in emergencies, with the vehicle auto-alerting emergency services if irregularities are detected.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Assists: Using AR technology in smartphones to project real-time vehicle data or even parking assist visuals on the windscreen, enhancing the driving experience and safety.
  • Personalized In-Car Environment: Based on user data from the smartphone, the vehicle could auto-adjust settings such as seat position, ambient lighting, and music playlists to suit the driver’s mood or preferences.


The convergence of automotive and smartphone technology has taken another leap forward with the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button. As Tesla owners continue to find new ways to integrate their vehicles with their daily tech tools, it prompts the question: what other innovative interactions might we see in the future between our cars and our gadgets? The fusion of these two worlds not only brings added convenience but also opens up a realm of possibilities for future innovations.

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