Apple is taking significant steps to streamline its digital entertainment offerings on the Apple TV platform. Recent developments indicate a shift away from the standalone iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps, integrating their functionalities into the Apple TV app. This article delves into the implications and features of the upcoming tvOS 17.2 update, reflecting on Apple’s strategic move towards a more cohesive digital media experience.

Phase-out of Standalone iTunes Apps

  • Update Release: Apple is set to release tvOS 17.2, expected to reach the general public next week, just before the holiday season.
  • Integration Move: In this update, Apple is discontinuing the separate iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps on the Apple TV box.
  • User Redirection: Users attempting to access these apps are redirected to the Apple TV app, where they can manage purchases and access store content. iTunes Brand: The integration signifies a step away from the iTunes brand, at least concerning video content on Apple TV.

Enhancements in tvOS 17.2

  • TV App Updates: The TV app is updated to incorporate functionalities previously exclusive to the iTunes apps, such as genre filtering in the purchased tab and the inclusion of box sets in store listings.
  • New Sidebar Design: A new sidebar design in the TV app facilitates easier navigation, featuring dedicated store and purchase tabs.
  • Continued iPhone and iPad Functionality: As of now, the iTunes Store app on iPhone and iPad remains operational for movie and TV show purchases.

Streamlining for a Better User Experience

  • Redundant Apps: The move to integrate is partly due to the redundancy of the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps, which confused some users.
  • Simplified Navigation: The TV app now supports both movie and TV show purchases, thus simplifying the user interface and experience.
  • Bloomberg’s Insights: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had predicted this change in October, anticipating the removal of standalone apps and sections from the iTunes Store app on iOS devices.

Future of iTunes and Apple’s Content Strategy

  • Content Access: Customers still find instructions in the current RC on where to locate their content post-update.
  • Content Expansion: Apple’s investment in content, such as Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” and original series like “Ted Lasso,” highlights their growing emphasis on the services division.
  • Apple TV+ Subscriptions: The consolidation could be a strategic move to drive more users towards Apple TV+ subscriptions.

Additional Features in the Update

  • Added Functionalities: The update brings features like genre filtering and a more accessible sidebar in the TV app.
  • Streamlining Efforts: The integration is a part of Apple’s broader efforts to streamline and update its services, shedding older brands like iTunes for a more modern approach.

User Adaptation and Industry Implications

  • Adapting to Change: Users will need to adapt to the new system, as their familiar iTunes apps will no longer be available. This could involve a learning curve for some, especially those accustomed to the older interface.
  • Industry Trend: Apple’s move is indicative of a broader trend in the digital media industry towards integrated services. This trend is not only about simplification but also about creating ecosystems that encourage users to stay within a brand’s array of services.

Impact on Content Consumption

Enhanced Accessibility: With all content under one app, users will find it easier to access and manage their purchases and rentals. This might increase content consumption on the Apple TV platform.

Potential for New Features: The integration opens up possibilities for new features and improvements in content discovery, recommendations, and user interface enhancements.


Apple’s tvOS 17.2 release is more than just a software update; it represents a strategic shift in how Apple presents and manages its digital media offerings. By integrating the standalone iTunes Movies and TV Shows apps into the Apple TV app, Apple is simplifying its user interface and potentially paving the way for increased subscriptions to its Apple TV+ service. As the company continues to grow its services division, these changes reflect a broader trend in the industry towards more integrated and user-friendly digital media experiences. For more detailed information on Apple’s tvOS updates and services, visit Apple’s official website.

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