Meta has announced a sweeping upgrade to its video features on Facebook, including enhanced editing tools, support for HDR video uploading, a newly redesigned ‘Video’ tab, and increased integration between Instagram Reels and Facebook. This strategic move comes as the tech giant seeks to intensify competition with YouTube and TikTok in the digital video arena.

Renaming the ‘Watch’ Tab to ‘Video’

Facebook has renamed the “Watch” tab to the “Video” tab to unify all video content in one convenient location. This revised section, formerly known as Facebook Watch, is now the “one-stop shop” for everything related to video on Facebook, including Reels, long-form content, and live streams. For ease of navigation, users can scroll vertically to jump from one video to another, with a carousel for horizontal scrolling through different Reels. This ‘Video’ section is expected to appear on the top bar for Android users and the bottom bar for iOS users soon, depending on the part of the app used most frequently.

Enhanced Video Editing Tools

Meta is bringing its Reels editing tools to the main Facebook feed. This means that users can create both short and long videos from one place, adding audio, text, and music to their videos effortlessly. Additional editing features include the Ability to adjust speed. Option to reverse or replace a clip. The capability to reduce noise and record a voiceover on top of a video. These innovative tools have already been rolled out to Meta Business Suite users and will soon be available for broader use.

Support for HDR Videos

Facebook has introduced support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos on Reels, both for video uploading and playback. This functionality is being touted as “the first of our efforts to bring true HDR video support to our family of apps.” Facebook users will now be able to upload HDR videos directly from their phones, ensuring richer colors and improved visual experiences.

Increased Integration with Instagram Reels

Continuing its bid to streamline its offerings, Meta is enhancing the integration between Instagram Reels and Facebook. Users will be able to view and comment on Instagram Reels directly through Facebook without having to switch apps. This added functionality is possible by linking both accounts in the Accounts Center.

Reimagining the ‘Video’ Tab

The Video tab, previously known as Facebook Watch, has received a complete makeover and comes with several new functionalities. It now features a redesigned Explore section, accessible via the search icon, which highlights popular video topics based on a mix of human curation and machine learning. Another new feature includes horizontal-scrolling Reels sections that highlight recommended Reels, making video discovery more personalized and engaging.

The Road Ahead

These comprehensive upgrades to Facebook’s video capabilities suggest Meta’s increased focus on video content and creator economy. Despite the discontinuation of certain features like Facebook Watch and live video products, the social network giant continues to evolve and adapt to the changing digital landscape. Meta’s latest move could prove to be a significant step for the platform’s 2 billion daily users, many of whom regularly watch and make videos on the app. While no new announcements have been made regarding creator compensation, these developments may set the stage for more creator-friendly initiatives in the future. For more information about these updates, visit Meta’s official website.

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