Meta’s new social network, Threads, has rolled out its first significant update since its launch a fortnight ago. The update, expected to increase user engagement and overall experience, introduces a series of new features, as detailed by Cameron Roth, a Meta software engineer.

New Additions and Improvements

The most notable improvements to the iOS version of Threads include the introduction of a ‘Follows’ tab to the activity feed. This will help users easily identify their new followers and simplify the process of following back. Further, users can now access their Instagram follower list via the Threads app to ensure they’re not missing anyone. Another significant feature is the translation function for post-text. This provides users the opportunity to follow individuals who communicate in different languages, thereby expanding their networks. Users can also subscribe to receive notifications from accounts they don’t follow without cluttering their timelines. In addition to these features, some minor interface tweaks have also been introduced. These include reporter labels that can be tapped, making the app smoother and more streamlined, especially when scrolling through or loading the activity feed. While some features are enabled server-side and may not be available immediately, Roth assures users that all new features should be accessible by the end of today. An equivalent update for the Android version of Threads remains unconfirmed.

Addressing User Concerns

Despite these positive steps, the Threads team acknowledges that several features are still absent. This includes direct messaging, a chronological feed, hashtags, and the ability to remove oneself from Threads without deleting the associated Instagram account. Moreover, without a web version, the practicality of using Threads on a computer remains limited. In response to these concerns, Instagram head Adam Mosseri, who oversees Threads, hinted at the future introduction of a desktop version and a feed of only followed accounts.

User Reception and Future Plans

Threads experienced impressive initial growth, attracting over 100 million user sign-ups in less than a week. However, engagement dipped in the subsequent week, according to data from Similarweb and Sensor Tower. Despite this decline, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the company’s commitment to improving basic features and retention. Advertisers have also expressed their hopes for the inclusion of more features like chronological feeds and hashtag search capabilities, which would enhance their ad campaigns when Meta provides such opportunities.

From a business perspective, Threads hold significant potential. Advertisers are hopeful that the platform will incorporate features such as chronological feeds and hashtag search capabilities. These functions could prove pivotal in creating better ad campaigns when Meta decides to open up advertising opportunities on Threads.

While Threads is yet to meet these expectations, the willingness shown by Meta to roll out updates and improvements could serve as a positive sign for businesses looking forward to advertising on this new platform.

Concluding Thoughts

While Threads users have welcomed these updates, there’s still room for improvement. The new features aim to maintain the momentum generated at launch, addressing some of the feedback from users. Yet, several much-anticipated features remain absent, with Meta promising their eventual inclusion. The success of Threads in the future will depend on Meta’s ability to continue refining the platform and its responsiveness to user needs. To learn more about Meta and its new social network Threads, visit their official website here.

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