Microsoft PC Manager is a new program that works like a cleanup tool for PCs packed with too many files. It first came out as a test version in Chinese during 2022, but now it’s a complete app you can get from the Microsoft Store. The success of PC Manager shows that Microsoft is serious about creating software that makes things easier for us.

Key Features

PC Manager has lots of handy features meant to fix typical computer maintenance troubles:

  • Home Screen: It’s got shortcuts that take you straight to tools and info to make your PC run better. This means you don’t have to poke around complicated menus to find what you need.
  • Protection: It uses parts of Windows Defender and Windows Update for tougher security. With this, your computer is safer from new dangers.
  • Storage: There’s a feature to clean out your disk drive or SSD to make more room. It finds files you don’t need and gets rid of them so your computer can use space better and work faster.
  • Apps: You can manage what apps start when you turn on your computer. Keeping control over this helps your PC start quicker and runs smoother right away.
  • Toolbox: You get straight to handy things like Sound Recorder and Calculator. Getting to these tools quickly makes you work faster.

Review of Functionality

The PC Manager may look small, but it’s packed with options to help your computer run better. Some important parts include:

  • The “Health Check” lets you quickly spot and delete files you don’t need. How much space you save might change depending on your computer.
  • The “PC Boost” could work great for some, making their PCs faster. But it might not be the same for everyone.
  • Its impact might not be huge and depends on how you use your computer. But, it can quickly make your PC run better when it’s doing a lot at once.
  • The “Deep Clean” feature digs into hidden files and removes big ones you don’t need. This can give you a lot more space and make your computer work faster.

Concerns and Critiques

PC Manager has its issues, though:

  • Cleaning out the Windows Prefetch folder could slow down your PC, warns Neowin. Be careful with this to avoid messing up your system.
  • There are affiliate links in the Toolbox area. This brings up questions about what Microsoft’s up to and if your privacy is at risk. Think twice before clicking on external links.
  • It’s not really clear what “Taskbar Repair” and “Pop-up Management” do or how well they work. Microsoft should explain these better so people can get the most out of them.

User Feedback and Ratings

People are torn about PC Manager:

  • Some love how handy it is and all the features it offers. But others worry that it could make their PCs slow down. This feedback is crucial for Microsoft to make the tool better.
  • With a pretty good rating of 4.5 stars on the Microsoft Store, PC Manager has caught the eye of folks wanting easier computer care. This shows it could really help enhance how we use Windows.


Microsoft’s PC Manager could be a great choice for those looking to boost their Windows PCs.It’s important to think carefully about what this tool can do and its downsides. When deciding to use any kind of system helper, you should compare the good points with the bad ones and choose wisely. PC Manager offers lots of options to make your computer work better and make taking care of it easier, leading to smoother and more enjoyable use.

Microsoft is really committed to coming up with new ways for you to make your PC work better. They understand that as technology grows, so do your needs. With regular updates and improvements, PC Manager could become a must-have for Windows users who want their devices to run as well as possible.

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