The technological titan, Microsoft, is striving to broaden its horizons in the Indian gaming sector by executing a 19{0252260dac52414bfe0815cfb09ca5bc03bda76cabf0754afa2823db52fa0922} reduction in the prices of the distinguished gaming console, ‘XBox 360,’ thereby dropping its price to Rs.12,990.

Microsoft has unveiled that the budget-oriented 4GB variant of XBox, previously sold for Rs.15,990, is now obtainable for Rs.12,990. Correspondingly, the technology behemoth has slashed the cost of 4GB XBox 360 with Kinect (the motion sensing device) from Rs.26,990 to Rs. 21,990, and the 250 GB XBox 360 with Kinect from Rs.31,990 to Rs.29,990.

The company stated that XBox has played a pioneering role in providing unparalleled gaming indulgences to aficionados all around the globe. During the month of December, which is celebrated as the holiday season worldwide, Microsoft vended 6.6 million XBoxes in the last quarter of the year.

Apart from the discounted prices, Microsoft has also announced a couple of other perks for the buyers. The offer comprises two games, namely, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Moreover, an XBox Live Gold membership for a month is available to buyers of XBox 360 500GB, which is priced at Rs.19,990.

XBox Live Gold membership worth Rs. 3,400 allows users to have full Xbox 360 game downloads, Xbox Live Arcade games, and unique fashions and avatar props. XBox 360 also arrives with a composite A/V cable, enabling the users to connect their standard-definition televisions and enjoy high-quality audio as well with the included stereo connector.

Reports by FICCI-KMPG revealed that the gaming industry has grown substantially from Rs.700 crore in 2008 to Rs.1,920 crore in 2013. It is anticipated to skyrocket to Rs.4,060 crore by 2018.

The Indian gaming market is currently in the nascent stage, with mobile games accounting for a significant share. Approximately 6 to 7 million regular gamers do not possess a device but get access to the consoles at gaming centers or a friend’s house. Overall, the number of gamers is increasing at a steady pace.

XBox’s rivals in the market are Sony’s Playstation and Wii, both in the Indian and international markets.

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