MSI inadvertently revealed details of Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs in a public YouTube video that was not intended for the general audience. VideoCardz was among the first to spot this blunder. A watermark, “NDA, do not share,” on the video further emphasized its confidential nature. However, the video was quickly taken down, but not before it was observed by numerous tech enthusiasts and journalists.

Main Highlights from the Leaked Video

  • Intel’s 14th Gen processors codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh, are expected to launch later this year.
  • On average, the 14th Gen CPUs will be 3% faster than their 13th Gen counterparts. However, the Core i7-14700K stands out with a notable 17% improvement in multithread workloads.
  • The Core i7-14700K, as opposed to its predecessor with eight Performance cores and eight Efficient cores, will now feature 12 Efficient cores.
  • No major architectural changes are introduced in the 14th Gen chips. They’ll still use the Intel 7 (10nm) process, similar to the 13th Gen CPUs. This means the new processors will be compatible with existing Z690 and Z790 motherboards.
  • The processors will support higher DDR5 frequencies and have improvements in their L3 cache.
  • Intel is rumored to announce its 14th-gen processor during its Innovation 2023 event next month.

Comparisons and Speculations

The leaked information offers some clarity following conflicting rumors about the core counts of the new processors. For the average PC user or gamer, these developments offer a sneak peek into what to expect in the near future. The major revelation is that only the Core i7 14700K and 14700KF will experience an increase in core count. While most of the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup will be marginally faster (by around 3%) than their 13th Gen counterparts, the extra cores in the Core i7 models contribute to the 17% performance increase in multi-threaded tasks.

No significant improvements in clock speeds have been mentioned in the video. Given the information available, it seems that the 14th Gen CPUs do not represent a groundbreaking enhancement over the 13th Gen chips. The tech community is speculating that this iteration may be more for marketing and strategic purposes, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Looking Forward: Intel’s Future Releases

As Intel gears up for its official announcements and launches in the coming months, both the industry and consumers will be watching closely. Despite the modest upgrades in the 14th Gen, Intel enthusiasts are eager to see what the company has in store. Significant advancements are anticipated from Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs, but these might not be available until the latter half of 2024.

However, for those looking for something more immediate and innovative, Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs for laptops might be the answer. These chips are expected to feature a range of innovations, including a chipset design and a die shrink, utilizing Intel’s new Intel 4 process. The announcement for these could be just around the corner, with speculations pointing to a release as early as September. For more details on Intel’s future products and announcements, visit Intel’s official website, where they frequently provide updates and insights on their upcoming products and technological advancements.

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