Inc. 5000 List, Last Chance for Applications

The final day to submit applications for the 2024 Inc. 5000 list is tomorrow, April 26. This list showcases the fastest growing privately held companies in the S. Entreprene eager to display their achievements and gain national attention should apply todaythis is their final chance.

Small Business Administration Begins Celebrations

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) will start National Small Business Week this Sunday, April 28. This event highlights the pivotal role of entrepreneurs across the nation in driving economic growth.

  • Opening Ceremony, SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman will open the week with a ceremony in Washington, D.C., honoring significant contributions from small business owners and their advocates.
  • Awards, Awards will be given throughout the week to recognize exceptional achievements within that small business community.
  • Seminars and Workshops, Various educational sessions aim to provide business insights and practical advice.
  • Networking Events, There are multiple opportunities to connect with other small business owners and industry leaders during scheduled networking gatherings.

The Women’s Business Center of the Year and the Small Business Investment Company of the Year awards will be given.
N Small Business Person of the Year, Previous winners, such as Hamdiukaya from Chobani and Kevin Plank from Under Armour, highlight the successful stories of entrepreneurs who have used SBA resources to succeed.

After kicking off, the SBA is set to conduct a twoday virtual summit that looks into emerging business trends and new technologies like AI and digital commerce. This event features collaborations with big companies like Visa and TMobile.

Local Celebrations and Impact

All over America, local chambers of commerce and city governments are setting up events to support small businesses. Here are some noteworthy examples,

  • The city and county of Honolulu will organize Oahu Small Business Week.
  • In Missouri, the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce has planned a week packed with activities targeted at small businesses.
  • Smallbusiness bingo and an incubator open house.

Economic Impact of Small Businesses

Despite facing issues such as labor shortages and rising prices, small businesses continue to drive economic growth. A Pew Research Center survey reveals,

  • About 90% of U.S. adults think small businesses have a positive effect on the nation.
  • Small businesses provide jobs for nearly half of the private sector workers in the U.S.
  • They play a major role in bringing new ideas and competition to many industries.

Funding and Embracing Digital Change

Getting enough money is still a big obstacle for many small businesses. Nontraditional lenders like Credibly are filling this need by offering loans where regular banks may not, helping small companies stay afloat. Plus, with the push toward digital transformation, more and more small businesses are using advanced technology to work better and connect with customers.

Investing in digital tools makes operations smoother and boosts the customer experience, which is vital for staying competitive today.

Looking Forward

As National Small Business Week nears, we are reminded of the resilience and adaptability of small businesses. This week is a time to celebrate successes while also recognizing their needs for more community and government support.

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