Gamers are buzzing with excitement for Nintendo’s next big thing – the much-hyped Nintendo Switch 2. Insider info suggests that this device will take handheld gaming up a notch, complete with an 8-inch LCD as Omdia’s expert Hiroshi Hayase reports. Fans and gaming gurus are looking forward to its release in late 2024, sparking a flurry of excitement and guesswork.

Screen Size and Technology

  • Size Comparison: The upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 boasts an 8-inch display, stepping up from the first Switch’s 6.2-inch and the OLED version’s 7-inch displays.
  • LCD vs. OLED: While some gamers aren’t thrilled about the LCD instead of an OLED, it seems Nintendo went this route to keep manufacturing costs in check. However, similar to the original Switch’s later OLED version, there is potential for a future OLED model of the Switch 2.
  • Market Positioning: Positioned near the upper end of portable gaming screens historically, the Switch 2’s screen size is comparable only to the PlayStation Portal and Lenovo Legion Go in terms of portable gaming devices.

Design and Hardware Specifications

  • Physical Dimensions: The Switch 2’s 8-inch screen probably means the gadget will be a bit bigger to fit the new display and keep the usual HD shape.
  • Internal Hardware: Inside, the Switch 2 might get a fancier Nvidia chip that can handle cool visual tricks like ray tracing and DLSS. This suggests games will look and play better than before.
  • Physical Media Support: Just like older Nintendo consoles, you’ll still be able to use cartridges with the Switch 2. A lot of gamers love that physical touch, and Nintendo isn’t giving up on it.

Price Point and Game Costs

Earlier, an expert suggested the Switch 2 might hit stores with a $400 price tag, hinting that games could cost up to $70. This bump in price is due to the cutting-edge tech and better gameplay we expect from the Switch 2.

Backward Compatibility and Nintendo’s Strategy

  • Compatibility Concerns: A key question among fans and experts is whether the Switch 2 will be backward compatible, i.e., capable of playing original Switch games. Nintendo has so far provided only vague responses to this query.
  • Nintendo’s Vision: Doug Bowser, the President of Nintendo of America, emphasized the importance of the Nintendo Account in ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform, although he refrained from commenting directly on the Switch 2’s features.

Expected Launch and Future Announcements

  • Release Timeline: There is speculation that the Switch 2 could be unveiled as early as March, with pre-orders possibly starting around late August or early September. This timeline might align with the rumored release of the PS5 Pro.
  • Role of Sharp Corp: Sharp Corp, known for assembling the Switch, indicated their involvement in the development of an upcoming console, further supporting the likelihood of the Switch 2’s release in 2024.

Anticipated Impact on the Gaming Market

The upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 looks set to shake up the handheld gaming market. With its cutting-edge features and big display, it’s leading the pack in portable play and could change what gamers expect from their devices.

Impact on Nintendo’s Market Position

  • Competitive Edge: Nintendo’s latest creation, the Switch 2, is gearing up to give the brand an upper hand in the tough gaming world. It’s all about outplaying competitors like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.
  • Target Audience: Nintendo wants to win over both long-time fans and newbies with a mix of high-tech and the nostalgic feel of cartridge games. They’re aiming for anyone and everyone wanting a fresh portable gaming adventure.


The Nintendo Switch 2 is on its way to revolutionizing mobile games. Thanks to its bigger touchscreen, possible support for older games, and state-of-the-art hardware, it promises to deliver a gaming experience like no other. Gamers everywhere are on the edge of their seats, eager for more info and the release that might kick off a new chapter in handheld gaming.

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