In the current digitized period, average customers encounter numerous digital ads daily. However,, a startup, shifts this trend by moving startup advertising back to the physical world. By employing billboards and subway ads, it assists firms in standing out in a marketplace dense with online advertisements.

The Personal Connections of’s Perspective

Billboards have been of significant importance to Alex Ewing, CEO of since his childhood. Raised in Purcell, Oklahoma, Ewing considered billboards as familiar signs indicating his proximity to home. He now uses this intimate association to assist companies like fintech major Ramp and technical recruiter Karat to advertise creatively and uniquely.

Ewing explained his admiration for billboards as they bring originality back into marketing to TechCrunch. Unlike digital ads’ temporary existence, billboards are concrete platforms exhibiting the most artistic facets of marketing. Adorned as massive and hard to over look structures that seize passersby’s attention makes them perfect for daring creative marketing tactics that leave enduring memories.

Promoting Physical Advertising was founded in Boston and functions as a software powered mediator between startups and profitable advertisement real estate in high traffic regions. Here’s how they make an impact,

  • Goal Oriented Ad Locations, The firm uses demographic and historical data to ensure expected conversions from targeted audience exposure.
  • Gauging Marketing Success, Anonymous location data is employed by OneScreen for estimating campaign effectiveness giving startups comprehensive feedback on viewer interest.

Even though digital marketing is widespread, tangible advertising through billboards or subway ads continues being effective especially in populated urban areas where public views them daily.

Outdoor Advertising Booms Again

While digital advertising faces difficulties like ad blockers and the increase of privacy rules, outdoor (OOH) advertising is growing anew. takes advantage of this rise showing the continued efficacy of conventional marketing forms in establishing brand identification and grabbing customer notice.

The U.S. market experiences a bloom in OOH advertising with spending expected to rise from $9.3 billion in 2024 to almost $12 billion by 2029. The impact OOH advertising has on mobile consumers underpins this growth.

Pitching the Right Audience uses advanced algorithms to place advertisements effectively for B2B clients. This strategy involves positioning ads at strategic points such as business districts or commuter routes that target professionals enhancing viewer relevancy and engagement likelihood.

While it’s challenging to track direct returns on OOH advertisements as compared to digital ones, indirect benefits such as improved brand acknowledgment and customer recall are substantial. As per Ewing, real world company sightings can ease inbound marketing initiation while also driving direct leads directly.

The Measurement Problem

OOH advertising faces its primary challenge in measurement which differs from clickthrough rates or other metrics used for digital ads. However, offers significant insights into potential viewership and response rates through analyzing nearby mobile device traffic and engagement.

This method is more about long term investment into brand presence rather than instant sales conversions often categorized as a ‘long lasting race.’ This tactic works especially well for B2B firms which might not see fast sales but benefit greatly from increased brand recognition and reputation.


Digital marketing continues becoming increasingly competitive causing startups to revisit traditional methods with contemporary refinements. is a model of how blending old and new advertising forms can bring about exciting marketing strategies that capture attention in both physical and digital realms.

Through their fresh take on OOH advertising, is not just facilitating startups to advertise effectively but they’re establishing a modern standard for how startups can leave a concrete effect on the streets. They are slowly converting the cityscape into an innovative billboard, magnifying daring creativity with each ad.

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