Pigment, a business planning software firm from Paris, has just snagged $145 million in its latest Series D financing round. This fresh funding thrusts the company into the elite unicorn club as its value now eclipses the $1 billion threshold. Achieving this is particularly impressive at a time when bagging hefty investment deals is getting rarer, more so within France’s borders.

A New Unicorn on the Block

This injection of funds couldn’t come at a better time for the tech realm, currently experiencing a slump in investment flows. Research from EY highlights that 2023 saw French tech ventures experience a steep 38% dip in fundraising rounds year on year. Yet here’s Pigment, securing an eyecatching sum that not only hints at their explosive growth prospects but also signals strong trust from investors despite tougher times.

Business Model and Future Prospects

The investment round included contributions from prior backers like Iconiq Growth, Sandberg Bernthal Venture Partners, IVP, Meritech, Greenoaks, and Felix Capital. Noteworthy is the addition of Sandberg Bernthal Venture Partners, spearheaded by Sheryl Sandbergex Meta bigwigand her spouse Tom Bernthal. Their investment shows they’re on board with Pigment’s game plan.

Driving Innovation and Growth

Pigment stands out with its solid platform for business planning. It gives Finance, HR, and Sales bosses a fullcircle view of company workings to make smarter longterm choices. Its topnotch modeling tools are userfriendly to no wonder it’s won over big names like Unilever, Merck, Datadog, and Kayak as clients across the globe.

The fresh capital will boost Pigment’s product growth and help it reach further into key markets. It’s eyeing North America in particular to spread its wings where pigment has seen remarkable growth. It has already expanded in this area by opening offices in New York and Toronto and making strategic hires to boost its influence.

  • Triple Growth – In the past year, Pigment’s revenue has tripled, and its customer base has doubled worldwide. This shows how fast it is growing and how well its platform performs.
  • Expanding Reach – The new funding will help Pigment dive deeper into the North American market from the foundation of success and new teams in the area.
  • Enhanced Platform – Pigment plans to improve their product by adding new features that will give clients more value

Looking Ahead, Pigment’s Vision for the Future

Pigment is preparing for a new stage of growth where it plans to change business” Pigment’s focus on improving planning and making decisions for businesses around the world is evident. The company is pushing the envelope with new ideas, and with more money in its coffers, Pigment is ready to beef up its platform. Their goal? To give business leaders the tools they need to make smart choices backed by solid data.

Looking ahead, Pigmant’s got a golden chance to leave its mark on enterprise software. It aims to make business planning smooth as silk and crystal clear. Built on a rocksolid base and with a direction that’s as clear as day, Pigment has what it takes for an upward trajectory of brisk growth, securing itself a sweet spot in the worldwide tech landscape.

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