The Google Play Store has launched a significant update, enhancing user experience with a new feature that allows for remote uninstallation of apps across various connected Android devices. This innovative functionality supports a range of devices including Auto, PC, Phone, TV, and Wear OS.

Feature Activation and User Interface

According to details revealed in the Google System Updates changelog and further expanded by TheSpAndroid, this feature is part of the Play Store version 38.8, which is yet to be widely released. Once activated, the “Manage Apps” section in the Play Store will display apps installed on other connected Android devices. Users can then select and uninstall these apps through a straightforward user interface.

Process for Remotely Uninstalling Apps

To utilize this new feature, follow these steps:

  • Tap on your profile image in the Play Store and select “Manage apps & device.”
  • Swipe over to the “Manage” section.
  • Tap on your current device name to view a list of all connected devices.
  • Choose the device from which you want to uninstall apps.
  • Select the apps you wish to remove.
  • Tap the delete icon in the top right corner to complete the uninstallation.

This process, detailed by tipster Assemble Debug, simplifies managing apps across various devices, particularly for removing larger, storage-consuming applications.

Sorting and Managing Apps

An interesting aspect of this feature is the ability to sort the list of apps by storage used. This sorting functionality is especially useful for devices with limited storage, like Google TV. Additionally, the feature is designed to let users sort apps by name and size, aiding in the identification and deletion of heavier apps.

Current Limitations and Future Rollout

While promising, the feature is currently in its nascent stage and has been observed to not list all installed apps on a device, a bug that Google is expected to address in the future rollout. The exact timeline for the widespread availability of this feature remains unclear, but it is anticipated to be released soon.

Enhancing Remote Management Capabilities

The latest update enhances the Google Play Store’s skills by letting you put apps on your gadgets from afar. For example, if you’re logged into the Play Store through a website, you can download an app onto an Android device, such as a Samsung phone or tablet, without touching it. Now, this cool trick’s gotten even better. You can now get rid of apps too, so whether it’s your tablet, smartwatch, or TV, you can spruce things up right from your phone.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Google has emphasized that this functionality will be accessible across various platforms including Auto, PC, Phone, TV, and Wear, signifying a comprehensive approach to app management across the Android ecosystem.

Implications for Users

This update is particularly beneficial for users who frequently switch between different Android devices. It streamlines the process of maintaining a clutter-free app environment across all devices, especially helpful for those with limited storage space. The ability to remotely uninstall apps also means that users can manage their devices more effectively, ensuring that only necessary and frequently used apps occupy valuable device storage.

Enhanced Security and Management

Looking at it from a safety angle, this tool has its pluses. It lets folks fast ditch apps that might be risky or just not needed from every device they’ve got, without the hassle of messing with each gadget by hand. Having one spot to run the show boosts your protection and makes life easier, especially if you’re juggling a bunch of devices for yourself or your job.


Remote uninstallation is a new feature that improves how users handle their devices and apps on Android. It provides more control and makes things easier for them. Google keeps updating its system, so we can expect even better tools to manage our apps on different gadgets.

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