Sony’s PlayStation Stars program is set to be integrated into the PlayStation 5 (PS5) system software. A recent glance at the Privacy Settings in the PS5 system menu reveals that PlayStation Stars integration will soon be available on the console. This upgrade is set to be part of the PS5 firmware update for August 2023.

PlayStation Stars Menu Settings

The PlayStation Stars settings menu can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Users and Accounts > Privacy > View and Customize Your Privacy Settings on the PS5 console. Here, you’ll find two new options under the heading “PlayStation Stars”.

  • The first option will allow users to control who can see their PlayStation Stars level.
  • The second option will let users control who can see their display case.

The display case is where players can showcase their collectibles to other players. These settings are limited to players with adult accounts on PlayStation Network in supported regions.

The PS5 Firmware Update for August 2023

As spotted by Tidux on the platform formerly known as Twitter, the ongoing beta for August’s PS5 firmware update contains references to PlayStation Stars in its privacy settings. These suggest that other players will soon be able to check out your PlayStation Stars display case on PS5. Until now, collectibles and display cases were only accessible via the PlayStation App. The integration of PlayStation Stars to PS5 will make earning these digital trinkets feel more meaningful.

Although this hints at the rewards and profile of PlayStation Stars being visible on Sony’s console, it’s not yet confirmed whether we’ll be able to access and activate the latest PlayStation Stars campaigns via PS5. There’s also no evidence to suggest any future integration is coming to PS4, although that doesn’t suggest it’s not also in the works.

More About PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program allowing members to accumulate loyalty points by completing “campaigns and activities”. Activities range from earning trophies and winning tournaments, to simply playing games. Points may be exchanged for a variety of items, including PlayStation Store products and PSN wallet funds.

Some have reported that PlayStation Stars counts the purchase of downloadable content or expansion packs as a full game purchase. If true, this makes reaching higher levels in the reward program cheaper in comparison to buying a $60/$70 game, which is what essentially counts as a full game purchase by the program. However, this remains unconfirmed by PS Stars members.

Final Thoughts

Sony Interactive Entertainment hopes the PlayStation Stars program evokes past gaming memories and makes players excited for the future of PlayStation. The console maker aims to develop the program further in the years to come, enhancing the user experience. The integration of the PlayStation Stars program into the PlayStation 5 system software will make the loyalty program easier to use, providing gamers with the ability to earn free store credit effectively. The full roll-out of these features in the coming weeks is eagerly anticipated by PlayStation users who are looking forward to the more seamless integration of the PlayStation Stars program with the PS5 interface.

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