A shooting on February 16, 2024, at the University of Colorado Springs left the community in shock and grief. At Crestone House dormitory, two people were killed. We’ll look at what happened, who was involved, and the steps taken after the incident.

Sequence of Events

On the morning of February 16, shots were reported at Crestone House. Campus cops found two dead bodies in a room, which led to locking down the university to protect everyone from what might have been a shooter still at large.

Remembering the Victims

  • Samuel Knopp was a 24-year-old music student admired for his guitar talent. His death has hit the UCCS music department hard.
  • Celie Rain Montgomery, 26, wasn’t attending UCCS but was a mom of two. She had learned culinary arts at another college. Her loss has also hurt the community.

About the Suspect

Nicholas Jordan is a 25-year-old from Detroit who went to UCCS. He’s got two murder charges against him for killing Knopp and Montgomery. He used to share a room with Knopp and got caught on February 19 without a fight. He’s now in jail with bail set at $1 million.

The Investigation and Arrest

After the shooting, local police teamed up with campus authorities to get to the bottom of it fast. By that night, they had a warrant out for Jordan. The search over the next few days was nail-biting.

Arrest After Tragedy

On February 19, law enforcement quickly arrested Jordan. Their fast action shows they are dedicated to keeping the campus safe and bringing about justice swiftly.

Community and University Response

After the sad event, the UCCS community held a walk to heal and remember Knopp and Montgomery. People put flowers around a mountain lion statue to show solidarity and memory. The university didn’t hold classes on February 20 so everyone could mourn and be together.

Statements from University and Law Enforcement Officials

Officials have stated that the shooting was a one-time event between people who knew each other. They’ve told everyone at campus that there is no current danger for the students or staff. University Chancellor Jennifer Sobanet hopes that finding support in each other will help the community through these tough times.

Ongoing Investigation and Call for Information

The reason behind the shooting and the exact links between those involved are still being looked into. The police are asking anyone with information to help them figure out what happened before this sad incident occurred.

Reflections on Campus Safety

This event has led to talks about how safe the campus is, mental health support, and ways to stop these kinds of tragedies. The UCCS community is now focusing on healing and they want to do more to protect the safety of students, teachers, and workers.


The shooting has deeply affected everyone at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. As the search for answers goes on, many seek solace during this heartbreaking time. The university’s approach, which focuses on being together and supporting each other, shows the UCCS family’s resilience when facing hard times. We’ll always remember Samuel Knopp and Celie Rain Montgomery. Their lives remind us of how valuable life is and the need for a strong community.

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