Preparing to shake things up for gamers, Samsung’s Tizen-based Smart TVs are ushering in a new era. Right on the brink of CES 2024, the company’s launching a certification program for gaming accessories. This strategy is designed to ramp up the gaming experience on Samsung Smart TVs, targeting those produced post-2022. It’s expected to expand to include high-end monitors and projectors too.

Enhanced Gaming Experience with Certified Accessories

Samsung’s big news is the launch of the “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” badge. This seal of approval means that accessories with this badge have been thoroughly tested for compatibility, quality, performance, safety, and security when used with Samsung devices. This move is a big deal because it helps make sure gamers have a smooth time playing on Samsung’s Smart TVs. These TVs are already set up with cool gaming apps like GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and Amazon Luna.

The PDP Replay Wireless Controller: A Game-Changer

A standout product in this new lineup is the “REPLAY Wireless Controller” from PDP, the first officially licensed accessory under this new program. The controller is not just a typical gaming peripheral; it doubles as a standard remote for Samsung Smart TVs. Unique features include a D-pad with plus, minus, and mute buttons, a power button, and a central Gaming Hub button for instant access to cloud gaming. The controller boasts an impressive 40-hour battery life, recharges via USB-C, and is designed for a low-latency Bluetooth connection.

Key Features:

  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Low-latency Bluetooth connection
  • Customizable paddles for personalized gaming
  • Integrated TV remote functions

Availability and Compatibility

It’s possible to pre-order the PDP Replay Wireless Controller now for $50. Although Samsung and PDP haven’t announced an exact release date, it’s expected to pop up soon on their site, Amazon, or Best Buy. Samsung is making strides as they dive into the gaming market and aim to enhance gaming experiences on their smart TVs.

The Bigger Picture in TV-Gaming Integration

Samsung rolled out its Gaming Hub in 2022, turning TVs into gaming platforms. Think of it as a Netflix for games that stream directly on your television, although how well it works rides on the strength of your web connection. Samsung is looking to boost the fun gamers get from their TVs. This echoes what other big brands, such as LG and Sony, are up to – they’re all eyeing the massive $225 billion video game market, trying to rope in more buyers with slick gaming features.

The Impact on the Gaming Community

The introduction of certified gaming accessories like the PDP Replay Wireless Controller is expected to have a significant impact on the gaming community. Gamers who prefer streaming their games on smart TVs will enjoy an enhanced experience with peripherals that are specifically designed for this purpose. The integration of TV remote functionalities into the gaming controller is a thoughtful addition, reflecting Samsung’s understanding of the needs of modern gamers.

Compatibility and Flexibility

Samsung emphasizes that its Gaming Hub works with most standard Bluetooth gamepads. However, the “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” badge signifies a product’s superior compatibility and performance with the Samsung ecosystem. This move reassures users that they are getting the best possible game streaming experience, regardless of the Samsung device they choose to play on.


Gaming’s getting bigger all the time, and Samsung’s stepping up with their certified accessory program, kicking things off with the PDP Replay Wireless Controller. They’re all about giving Smart TV owners an awesome gaming time. Tossing gaming features into regular TVs? Heck yes, that’s awesome news for folks who love games and tech. If you wanna know more about the Samsung Gaming Hub and this cool controller, you can visit PDP’s official website.

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