Spotify, the global audio-streaming giant, unveiled an AI-powered tool that translates podcasts into various languages, utilizing the original podcaster’s voice. The transformative feature, a collaboration with OpenAI, aims to provide listeners with a more genuine and immersive podcast experience.

Podcasters and Episodes Involved

  • Dax Shepard
  • Monica Padman
  • Lex Fridman
  • Steven Bartlett
  • Bill Simmons
  • The Rewatchables from The Ringer
  • Trevor Noah’s upcoming show

How the Translation Works

Central to this groundbreaking feature is OpenAI’s voice transcription tool, Whisper. Not only does it transcribe English speech, but it also translates other languages into English. What sets Spotify’s tool apart is its capability to convert a podcast into another language while preserving a synthesized version of the podcaster’s original voice.

Voice Replication by OpenAI

OpenAI, known for its prowess in AI technology, is instrumental in voice replication. The AI firm recently unveiled a tool capable of generating “human-like audio from just text and a few seconds of sample speech.” Concerns about privacy and safety have led OpenAI to limit the tool’s accessibility, which aligns with Spotify’s decision to trial the translation tech with a select group of podcasters.

Increasing Authenticity for Global Listeners

The main objective behind this innovative feature is to enhance global accessibility without compromising authenticity. As Ziad Sultan, Spotify’s vice president of personalization, stated, “Voice Translation gives listeners around the world the power to discover and be inspired by new podcasters in a more authentic way than ever before.” Such advancements cater to non-English speaking audiences, allowing them to connect more deeply with English-language content.

Current Language Selections

  • Spanish
  • French (rolling out soon)
  • German (coming in the following weeks)

Spanish is the initial focus, with German and French to be integrated swiftly. These languages were prioritized due to their popularity among Spotify’s podcast listeners.

Shares and Financials

Following the announcement, Spotify’s shares experienced a slight dip, decreasing by less than 1%. This latest venture is part of Spotify’s aggressive push into the podcast domain, seeking higher engagement levels to attract more advertisers. However, this aggressive spending has propelled the company’s operating costs, escalating at double the pace of its revenue growth the previous year. The effects of rising interest rates and inflation have also caused businesses to curb ad expenditures.

Future Prospects

While Spotify has started with a select batch of episodes, there’s significant anticipation regarding the potential expansion of the tool. Although Spotify has not provided specific details about the tool’s costs or broader availability, the company is optimistic about its future. “This is just the beginning,” the company mentioned in a recent release, hinting at a broader vision that may soon revolutionize podcasting on a global scale.

Impact on Content Creators

For podcasters, this move signifies greater outreach and the potential to amass a more expansive global audience. Previously, non-English content creators would often struggle to penetrate English-speaking markets, and vice versa. With seamless translations preserving the authenticity of the podcaster’s voice, creators can now truly be global entities, sharing their perspectives, stories, and insights with a broader listener base.


Spotify’s innovative leap could redefine the way global audiences consume podcast content. In partnership with OpenAI, they’re on a mission to bridge language barriers while preserving the unique voice and style of content creators. Only time will reveal how this feature reshapes the podcasting landscape and its impact on Spotify’s position in the global market.

As the global podcast industry continues to flourish, the importance of inclusivity and accessibility cannot be overstated. The world is home to an array of diverse languages and cultures, and many enthusiasts often miss out on enriching content simply due to language barriers. With Spotify’s new translation feature, the audio-streaming service is not just addressing this gap but is also setting a benchmark for competitors in the space.

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