In a move that benefits Stadia controller owners, Google has announced an extension for converting the Stadia controllers to Bluetooth mode. This decision provides additional time for users to adapt their controllers for use with various systems, ensuring the continued utility of the hardware despite the discontinuation of Google Stadia’s cloud gaming service.

Extension of Deadline

  • Originally set to end on December 31, 2023, the deadline for switching Stadia controllers to Bluetooth mode is now extended to December 31, 2024.
  • This extension was first noticed on Google’s website and later reported by various sources including @wario64.

Background and Importance of the Extension

The Stadia controller, a key piece of hardware from Google’s cloud gaming project, faced potential obsolescence with the service’s shutdown. However, Google introduced a web-based tool in January, allowing users to convert their controllers to Bluetooth mode. This mode enables compatibility with PCs, Macs, phones, and consoles, but it’s a permanent change. The extension of the conversion tool’s availability means users now have more time to make this irreversible switch.

Details of the Bluetooth Conversion

  • The conversion process is straightforward and ensures the controller’s utility beyond the life of Stadia’s cloud service.
  • After conversion, the controller will function wirelessly via Bluetooth but will lose its Wi-Fi capabilities on Stadia. However, it can still be used as a wired controller through USB.
  • No public explanation has been given by Google for the deadline extension, but it is well-received by the community.

Community Reactions and Additional Notes

Users of the Stadia controller have generally welcomed this extension, as it allows for more time to repurpose their devices. A humorous comment from a user on the Stadia subreddit highlighted the potential value of lithium in the controller’s battery by 2044. Moreover, this extension comes after Google’s abrupt announcement in June 2022 that Stadia would shut down by January 18, 2023, a decision that caught even developers working on Stadia projects by surprise.

Impact on the Gaming Community

The extension has a significant impact on the gaming community, particularly for those who invested in the Stadia ecosystem. It highlights Google’s efforts to provide ongoing support for their hardware, even after the discontinuation of the Stadia service. This move is not only beneficial for the environment, by reducing electronic waste, but also for gamers who seek to maximize the use and versatility of their gaming accessories.

Technical Aspects of the Conversion

  • Once converted to Bluetooth mode, the Stadia controller will be compatible with a wide range of devices, offering a more universal gaming experience.
  • The conversion process is irreversible, emphasizing the need for careful consideration before making the switch.
  • Despite the loss of Wi-Fi connectivity on Stadia, the Bluetooth functionality adds a new dimension of utility, making the controller a versatile tool for various gaming platforms.

Guidance for Users

Users contemplating the Bluetooth conversion should visit Google’s official website for detailed instructions. The process is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise can complete it successfully. Google’s support team is also available to assist with any queries or challenges encountered during the conversion process.

Reflection on Google Stadia’s Journey

The extension of the Bluetooth conversion deadline is a chapter in the larger story of Google Stadia’s journey. Initially launched with much fanfare, Stadia promised to revolutionize cloud gaming. However, it faced various challenges, leading to its eventual shutdown. This extension is a nod to the dedicated user base that supported the platform and a recognition of their desire to continue using the Stadia controller in new capacities.


For Stadia controller owners yet to convert their devices, the extended deadline is a significant relief. It provides an opportunity to preserve the functionality of their controllers in a post-Stadia era. For more information on the conversion process, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Google website.

Final Thoughts

The extension of the deadline for Stadia controller Bluetooth conversion by Google demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring the continued usability of its hardware. This decision is a positive step for consumers, allowing them to repurpose their Stadia controllers effectively.

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