People are living longer, and keeping strong and active in later years is vital. Regular workouts can improve mood and potentially add almost 7 years to life expectancy. Cara D’Orazio, an ACSM certified personal trainer, suggests three exercises using basic gear like dumbbells to promote longevity.

Top Exercises for Longevity and for Better Health

1. Squat to Curl and Military Press

How To, Start with your feet at hip width, with dumbbells at your sides. Do a squat, making sure your weight is in your heels. Rise back up pushing through your heels, curl the weights to shoulders level, then push them over your head.

Why It’s Good, this overall body workout reflects daily tasks such as lifting and pushing. It builds strength in the legs while also promoting flexibility in the hip, knee and shoulder joints.

2. Romanian Deadlift to Triceps Kickback

How To, stand hip width apart with dumbbells held in hands. Lean forward from the hips with a slight bend in knees, keeping back straight as you let dumbbells follow the path of your legs. At deepest point of hinge motion extend arms backwards into a triceps kickback.

Why It’s Good, this exercise fortifies the posterior chain muscles which helps alleviate lower back pain and encourages good posture both important as we get older. The triceps kickback develops arm strength which is beneficial for everyday tasks.

3. Sumo Squat to Shoulder Shrug

How to, stand wider than shoulder width apart with toes facing outwards while holding a dumbbell in front. Do a deep squat, rise back up and end with a shoulder shrug, lifting your shoulders towards your ears.

Why It’s Good, works the inner thighs and trapezius muscles which aid posture and upper body strength. Strong inner thighs are crucial for hip stability and balance, lowering chances of falls.

The Health Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training goes above and beyond just building muscle mass. Here are several benefits,

  • Boosts Muscle Strength and Stamina, frequent resistance exercises lead to better muscle function and stamina, making day-to-day activities easier. This boost in muscular strength promotes excellent posture, balance, and overall steadiness.
  • Better Bone Health, resistance exercises enhance bone density and growth which helps lower the risk of osteoporosis especially for seniors.
  • Improved Metabolic Health, building muscle through this type of training raises the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which helps manage weight and maintain stable metabolism.
  • Lower Risk of Chronic Diseases, Regular strength workouts can reduce the odds for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers by positively impacting health indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Positive Mental Health Effects, doing strength training releases feelgood hormones called endorphins that help alleviate stress on mood. They also improve cognitive functions including memory thus boosting overall mental health

Wrap Up

Add exercises like the squat to curl press, Romanian deadlift triceps kickback, and sumo squat shoulder shrug into your weekly routine to positively impact longevity and life quality. These expert recommended exercises help maintain strength mobility autonomy as we age with regular use. Strength training not only seems to increase lifespan but significantly enhances those added years allowing for a more active and satisfying life.

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