Meta’s social network Threads has received a significant update, enhancing user interaction and content discoverability. This update introduces a novel tag feature, diverging from the traditional hashtag system, and offering users more flexibility and precision in tagging their posts.

Tag Feature Rollout and Design

  • Global Rollout: After successful testing in Australia, the tag feature is now available worldwide.
  • Unique Tagging System: Unlike hashtags, Threads allows the use of phrases with spaces and special characters in tags. This system provides a more nuanced and specific way of categorizing content.
  • Search Functionality: Users can search for tags directly in the search bar, displaying all related posts, including those not explicitly using the tags.
  • Tag Limitation: To maintain focus and relevance, only one tag is permitted per post.

Enhanced User Experience and Safety Measures

  • User Engagement: Instagram head Adam Mosseri hopes this design will reduce engagement hacking, focusing more on genuine interactions.
  • Reporting and Sensitivity Alerts: Users can report topics they find insensitive, and the app warns about sensitive tags previously reported.
  • Addressing Similar Tags: The limitation of one tag per post poses challenges with similar tags, potentially affecting the reach of the posts.

Threads’ Continuous Development and Features

  • Threads’ Evolution: Launched earlier in the year, Threads continues to evolve, adding standard social media features over time.
  • How to Use Tags: The process of adding tags is simplified, with a dedicated hashtag button offering tag suggestions.
  • Advantages of Threads Tags: The flexibility in tag creation, including phrases and special characters, offers more specific and useful categorization compared to other platforms.

Threads’ Expansion and Performance

  • Search Feature Expansion: Threads has expanded its search feature to all languages in available countries.
  • App Performance: According to Apptopia, Threads’ daily downloads have recovered from a previous dip.

Threads’ Approach to Topic Tags

  • Introduction of Topic Tags: Meta’s update introduces searchable topic tags, making it easier for users to find relevant conversations.
  • Tag Functionality: Users can append one tag per post, with the app suggesting popular tags and showing usage stats.
  • Difference from Hashtags: Threads’ tags are distinct from traditional hashtags, allowing spaces and special characters.

Future Implications and Trends

  • Preventing Misuse: Meta’s cautious approach to tags aims to prevent misuse, focusing on community building rather than engagement hacking.
  • Potential for Trending Topics: The inclusion of tag stats hints at the possibility of a trending topics feature, a subject of much speculation.

Implications for Users and Marketers

  • User Engagement: The update is likely to affect how users interact with content, as the single-tag limit encourages more thoughtful and relevant tagging.
  • Marketing Strategies: For marketers and content creators, this change means adapting strategies to leverage the tag feature effectively, ensuring their content reaches the intended audience.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Content Discovery: While the new tagging system enhances content discoverability, the challenge lies in choosing the most effective tag that resonates with the audience.
  • Competition Among Tags: With the limitation of one tag per post, there is a potential competition for popular tags, making it crucial for users to stay updated with trending topics and tag usage.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Threads and Social Media Trends

  • Technological Advancements: As social media continues to evolve, we can expect more technological innovations aimed at improving user experience and content relevance.
  • User-Centric Features: Meta’s approach with Threads indicates a growing trend in social media platforms focusing more on user-centric features, prioritizing quality of engagement over quantity.

Potential Developments

  • Trending Topics Feature: The inclusion of tags could pave the way for trending topics feature in Threads, which would align it more closely with traditional social media platforms.


Meta’s Threads app continues to evolve, offering users a more refined and targeted experience with its new tag feature. This update not only enhances the way users interact with the platform but also introduces measures to ensure a safer and more community-focused environment. For more information and updates on Threads, visit Meta’s official website.

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