Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform, has confirmed that it will soon be discontinuing support for its Nintendo Switch app. As of November 6th, the app will be unavailable for download on the Nintendo eShop. For users who have already downloaded the app, access will be denied after January 31, 2024.

Short-lived Experience

Having been introduced to the Nintendo Switch in 2021, the Twitch app had a relatively short run on the platform. Although the app promised a “flexible Twitch viewing experience,” its functionality was noticeably limited compared to its versions on other devices:

  • Users couldn’t view a stream’s chat, forcing them to resort to secondary devices to engage in conversations or send messages.
  • There was no feature to subscribe to creators directly from the app.
  • Live broadcasting of personal gameplay, a staple of Twitch’s offering on other platforms, was notably absent.

Given these limitations, the decision to pull the app might not come as a surprise to many. Gabriella Raila from Twitch mentioned in a statement to The Verge: “We recently made the difficult decision to remove the Twitch app from the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo remains a valued partner and we appreciate all of the support the Switch community has provided to Twitch and our streamers.”

Reactions from the Gaming Community

The news about Twitch’s departure from the Nintendo eShop was met with varied responses. While some users were surprised to even know that there was a Twitch app on the Switch, as evidenced by a comment on Reddit stating, “This is how I find out the Switch even had a Twitch app,” others found value in its existence. Some players relied on it to stream content on non-smart TVs, avoiding the hassle of constantly swapping HDMI cables. A few comments on Reddit highlighted the app’s utility for those without a smart TV, emphasizing its convenience in letting users wind down to some streams in the evenings.

Comparing Twitch on Other Platforms

The functionality of Twitch’s app on the Nintendo Switch pales in comparison to its versions on iOS and Android. With even mobile versions offering a more comprehensive experience, the decision to retire the app from Switch might be seen as logical by many. However, there is a segment of the community that hopes for better app support in any future iterations of Nintendo’s hardware.

Switch’s App Ecosystem

The Nintendo Switch, while primarily a gaming console, does support a handful of other entertainment apps. Platforms such as YouTube, Hulu, and Crunchyroll are available, but it’s missing some significant services like Netflix. This lack of a wider app ecosystem has often been a sticking point for Nintendo fans. The removal of Twitch further emphasizes the Switch’s primary identity as a gaming console, although this decision also fuels speculation. Rumors have begun circulating about a potential release of a “Nintendo Switch 2” in 2024, although no official announcements have been made.

Future Prospects for Streaming on Gaming Consoles

As the boundaries between gaming and streaming continue to blur, there is a clear demand for consoles to offer integrated and seamless streaming experiences. Platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation have made significant strides in this domain, integrating both gameplay broadcasting capabilities and apps that allow users to consume content from major streaming platforms.

Nintendo’s approach, traditionally, has been more gaming-centric. However, with the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment, it might be in Nintendo’s best interest to reconsider its stance on this matter. Bringing comprehensive streaming capabilities could enhance user experience and make the console more versatile in the face of stiff competition.


The Twitch app’s departure from the Nintendo Switch may signify the challenges of providing full-featured streaming experiences on gaming-first platforms. As the world of gaming and live streaming continues to evolve, both Twitch and Nintendo will likely adapt to better serve their communities. Whether this means a resurgence of Twitch on a future Nintendo platform or an entirely new approach remains to be seen. For now, Twitch enthusiasts will need to rely on other devices for their streaming needs, while Switch users will refocus on the primary gaming experience the console is best known for.

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