April 30, 2024 As National Small Business Week begins, small businesses throughout the United States are honoured for their determination and ongoing contributions to both local and national economies. Despite facing obstacles like not having enough workers and economic hardships, these organisations are prospering due to strong community bonds and creative strategies.

The Backbone of the Economy

Amy Dion, a Small Business Specialist at the Carbondale Small Business Development Center, stated that small businesses, which make up about 90% of all businesses in the U.S., play a critical role in both urban and rural settings. These businesses are key players in their communities, particularly where big corporations do not operate.

  • Essential to local communities: Small businesses greatly boost their local economies and help develop their communities.
  • Familyrun businesses: These companies often stay within the family for generations, showing a strong tie to their communities.
  • Creative and flexible: Small businesses usually respond quickly with new ideas and changes according to the economy’s needs.

For instance, at Stewart’s Auto Body in Murphysboro, Jacob Stewart is the third generation managing the workshop. The shop faces industry hurdles like an ageing workforce and difficulties in hiring, yet it continues to succeed by keeping excellent relationships with customers and providing top services. “It’s really neat… very rewarding, challenging, stressful, but rewarding,” said Jacob Stewart about leading his family’s long established business.

A Hundred Years of Dedication

In Jamestown, New York, Brigiotta’s Farmland Produce & Garden Center recently marked its 100th anniversary. Founded in 1924, this enterprise has stayed in the Galbato family across four generations.

During a ceremony, Carla Galbato, a coowner, spoke about her family’s values and their commitment to growing to meet customer demands. “Our parents showed us how to run our business strong values and kind hearts,” she explained.

The narrative of Brigiotta’s is common among American small businesses. All over the nation, such establishments form the foundation of their communities. They provide more than products or services. they offer dependable continuity. These small businesses build lasting relationships with customers, enriching both the economy and culture locally.

Impact on National Economy

A Pew Research Center survey found that 86% of U.S. adults think small businesses have a positive effect on national sentiment, even more so than other institutions like the military or churches. This highlights the crucial contribution these businesses make. Small businesses play a crucial role in driving both economic and social growth throughout the country.

  • Rise in new business formations, There has been a significant uptick in applications for new businesses, especially those expected to hire staff.
  • Distribution across states, States such as Florida, California, and Texas have observed the highest number of these high potential business applications.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides support to these ventures via various initiatives. During National Small Business Week, which continues until May 3, there are several events aimed at acknowledging exceptional small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide. Isabel Guzman, who leads the SBA, stressed the critical need for support towards small enterprises during this challenging economic period.

In addition to recognition, Small Business Week is also about providing education for owners on recent advancements like digital marketing strategies and financing options available to help them grow their operations confidently. These actions are essential because small businesses contribute significantly to employment and drive innovation and competition in different industries.

Looking Forward

The importance of small businesses in the U.S economy will continue to be significant as we move forward. Their resilience, innovative approaches, and dedication to community welfare help sustain local economies and add value.


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