The Metroidvania genre is a fan-favorite in gaming, known for mixing exploration, action, and story. Standing out in this busy niche isn’t easy, but Ultros does more than just stand out – it jumps ahead with striking psychedelic graphics, fresh game mechanics, and a plot that’s both intriguing and engaging. Let’s dive into how Ultros is pushing the limits of its category.

Creative Genius in Graphics

Ultros first catches your eye with its visuals. Instead of the expected pixel graphics of many Metroidvanias, Ultros goes for rich, hand-drawn images soaked in bold neon hues. But it’s not just pretty looks; these visuals add to the game’s themes, offering levels and monsters bursting with life and dynamism. The visual artistry in the game celebrates the developers’ inventiveness and gives gamers something uniquely memorable, redefining graphic excellence in gaming.

Refreshing Gameplay: New Directions

While respecting the core elements of Metroidvanias like exploration, fighting, and advancement, Ultros brings exciting features to the table. It introduces a replay loop system cleverly mixing classic Metroidvania exploration with some roguelite traits; this motivates players to try new tactics each time. The fight system is user-friendly yet intricate, emphasizing skillful timing instead of simply smashing buttons. Additionally, the innovative gardening feature lets players grow plants to help them explore and battle, opening up a whole new way to engage with the game world.

Story Depth: Intrigue Unwinds

Rather than straightforward storytelling, Ultros chooses a more mysterious path. Set on a spaceship that’s also a vast tomb, the game tempts players to unravel the story themselves.

Together, the game weaves its world, main character, and the main villain, Ultros. The story shows a lot and says little, making the game feel mysterious and pushing players to explore its background more.

Challenges and Gameplay Mechanics

Ultros is known for originality but comes with its own set of problems. Some might get annoyed by features like the Extractor’s direction guide. Platform jumping in the game is usually smooth but can sometimes be a bit off. Still, these issues are overshadowed by awesome parts of the game such as the cool loop system and the thoughtful gardening feature.

The Double-Edged Sword of Ambition

Ultros’ ambition shows in its art and how it’s played. This dream big attitude is both good and bad. It pushes the game into new spaces, making things exciting and fresh. But sometimes, the game tries too hard and creates parts that don’t quite work well together. However, it’s impressive how Ultros tries to push limits in Metroidvania games.

A Unique Journey Awaits

Ultros stands out as a daring take on Metroidvania style games with beautiful looks and new twists in how to play that are fun yet challenging. Although not every bold idea in the game hits the mark, it’s still exceptional and offers an absorbing adventure. It mixes nice artwork, smart game features, and an intriguing plot to make a world gamers will keep coming back to. If you’re up for something different, Ultros provides a one-of-a-kind trip, making it a top choice for genre enthusiasts.


To wrap things up, Ultros isn’t just another Metroidvania game; it takes the category to new heights. With its standout artistry, fresh gameplay twists, and deep storyline, Ultros brings players into an environment that’s as puzzling as it is stunning. It shows us that there’s always a place for new thrills, even in a crowded field. Whether you’re fighting off bizarre monsters, exploring colorful environments, or digging into the twists and turns of its plot, Ultros stands as a shining example of what imagination can achieve in crafting video games.

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