A series of reports have emerged regarding a peculiar issue affecting some iPhone users: their devices are turning off temporarily during the night. This unexpected phenomenon has not only led to missed alarms but also disrupted other iPhone functionalities.

Reports and Findings

  • In a recent Reddit thread, multiple users reported that their iPhone alarms did not go off, potentially due to this overnight shutdown.
  • Major tech outlets like 9to5Mac and MacRumors have reported this issue as well, with several incidents of spontaneous reboots or shutdowns, especially around 01:00 AM CET.
  • Upon waking up, many users noticed the need to re-enter their passcodes, an indication that the iPhone had either rebooted or shut off.

Checking for the Issue

To ascertain if you’ve experienced this issue:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Navigate to the Battery section.
  • Check the charging status over the past 24 hours.
  • A noticeable gap in the graph would indicate the iPhone was turned off for a certain duration.

What Could Be Causing This?

Role of iOS 17.0.3

While the exact cause remains unclear, many users suspect the recent rollout of iOS 17.0.3 might be at the root of the problem. Both iPhone 15 models and other previous versions have been impacted, with most of the affected users operating on the mentioned iOS version. However, not every iOS 17.0.3 user seems to be experiencing this issue, and it doesn’t seem to be occurring every single night.

Possible Explanations

Online sleuths and tech enthusiasts have been busy speculating the cause. Some theories suggest:

  • Aggressive memory management by the iOS.
  • Battery settings, like the Optimized Charging feature, might be contributing.

Although these are mere speculations at the moment, users hope for a clear answer soon.

Recent iOS Troubles

Overheating Issues

This isn’t the first hiccup for the new iPhone 15. Soon after its launch, there were widespread reports about the ‘Pro’ models overheating. While initial speculations revolved around the new A17 Pro chip, the titanium finish, or even a potential bug in popular apps like Instagram, Apple clarified that it wasn’t a hardware concern. The company promptly released iOS 17.0.3 to address the overheating problems.

New Challenges with iOS 17.0.3

While the overheating was resolved, the update seems to have brought the overnight shutdown issue to the forefront. Not only have alarms been missed, but some functionalities, like notifications, may also be affected until the device is unlocked in the morning, as iPhones won’t connect to WiFi until unlocked.

Anticipating a Solution

Given Apple’s history of swift software patches, many anticipate a quick resolution. In fact, the tech giant is expected to address this in the forthcoming iOS 17.1 update. The build is currently in beta testing, with its third cycle of beta released to developers.

Waiting for Apple’s Response

Despite the spread of the issue, Apple has not yet made an official statement. As iOS 17 is still in its initial release stages, many hope and expect that Apple will soon stabilize the build for a smoother user experience.

Precautionary Measures

Using Backup Alarms

Until Apple rolls out a definitive solution, users might consider using backup alarms on other devices, be it another smartphone, a traditional alarm clock, or a smart speaker. This ensures that essential tasks, appointments, or routines aren’t missed due to unexpected shutdowns.

Staying Updated

iPhone users are encouraged to frequently check for software updates, as Apple often releases patches to address bugs swiftly. By ensuring their devices run the latest iOS version, users can benefit from any interim fixes Apple might introduce.

Active Community Involvement

Engaging in online forums like Reddit and MacRumors can be beneficial for users. Sharing experiences can provide insights into the extent and variability of the problem. Plus, collective user feedback can expedite Apple’s response and potential solutions.


While it remains to be seen how widespread this issue is, the increasing number of reports is concerning for many iPhone users. Until a fix is provided or the cause is identified, it might be a wise choice for users to set their morning alarms on an alternative device, ensuring no disruption to their daily routines. As the reports gain momentum, it underscores the importance of timely software updates and rigorous quality checks, especially for devices as integral to daily life as the iPhone.

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